21 Days in December


It’s December.  It’s also the season of candy and big dinners.  Yes, I know it’s really about Jesus, but you and I both know we’ll be eating lots of calories. 🙂  I’ve spent a majority of the past twenty years thinking about weight loss and purchasing workout programs hoping for one of them to push me off my couch and magically remove all this extra fat on my body.

Wishful thinking, dear!

It’s time to do the work that is necessary to get fit and live fit.  The last program I purchased included a 21 day workout, as well as an eating plan.  I love both, yet I can’t manage to get past day one.  Why?  Because I am a perfectionist!  Day two comes along and I can’t exercise because of whatever reason and I messed up on my eating.  So what happens on day three?  I give up.  I quit.  I say I’m done.


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Here’s my new game plan

In the month of December, I have 31 days to reach the following objectives:

21 days of workouts (or walks) – I will not quit if I skip a day.  You see, I have a ten day buffer in there to allow me to skip a day a time or two and not get behind!

21 days of drinking water – My goal here is to start drinking water.  Currently all I do is drink caffeinated carbonated drinks – yes, good ol’ sugary pop.  So, I will guzzle down more water than any other beverage on 21 of the 31 days.

I’m not going to worry about calories this month.  I’m not going to worry about perfect records this month although the temptation will arise, I’m sure of it.

I am going to tell you at the end of the month that I did reach my fit living goals for the month of December!

What are your goals this month?  Leave a comment and I’ll cheer you along this month!


24 thoughts on “21 Days in December

  1. These sound like good doable goals. I should follow suit. I actually hate starting anything new in January just for the reason if you mess up a day there doesn’t seem to be a reason to continue with it. So I like to pick middle of the months to start things.

  2. My doctor was so kind to put me on a trial diet for medical reason for 6 weeks. It started a week before thanksgiving. No Gluten, no fructose, no lactose, …a lot of no’s. I’ve been adapting things I can eat and trying to avoid things I can’t. I figure one good thing is I might lose a few pounds. The other, hopefully I’ll be feeling better after this
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  3. This is great, you and I seem to have the same plan. I’ve upped my water intake and have been walking the past four days – I’ve walked 15k already and hope to do another 5k tomorrow 🙂

  4. I did this along time ago and I’m proud to say 2+ years later I still drink a gallon of water a day!! My skin and just body in general has never felt better 😉

  5. I drink water, so that is no problem here, but I do need to work on the work out again. Thanks for the challenge.

  6. Great goals for December. I definitely need to start drinking more water and making some time to start walking more. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  7. My goal is to eat better and not over indulge in all of the yummy Christmas treats 😉

  8. These are very dobable goals. My goal is to keep working out and not indulging in sweets. I’m baking this year so I have to taste-test but the good thing about that is I’ll be full from the tasting that I won’t sit down for a serving.

    I love a nice cold Dr. Pepper myself and like you I’m making sure to cut back and drink more water.

    Good luck on meeting your goal! I’m sure you can do it :).
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  9. Tami! Aside from the soda/water part, I could have easily written this same article. I do the exact same thing – I make one mistake and I give up. Why do we do that to ourselves?

    My goal for December (for all of 2015, actually) is to write daily Monday – Friday for 30 -45 minutes every morning. I am taking the weekends off but should net 20+ drafts to hopefully turn into blog posts. Wish me luck!
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  10. Great goals, Tami! I think we could be twins because I need to do both of those things. One of my goals for the new year is to cut back on drinking pop and drink more water. I drink way too much pop and coffee!

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