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3 Books to Help Your Family Grow in Love: Literacy Musing Mondays Linkup

February 21

Hello! Welcome back to Literacy Musing Mondays.  It’s the pla1ce for great resources on writing, blogging, reading, books, learning, and literacy. Today’s guest post comes from Joanna May Chee who writes about great resources to help cultivate love in your family. I hope you will enjoy it.

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3 Great Books (and a free resource) to Help

Cultivate Love in Your Family

By Joanna May Chee

Cultivate Family Love
A week’s gone by since Valentine’s Day. How was yours?

Maybe you felt showered with love, with cards from the kids, and flowers from your husband.

Maybe you’re still secretly hurting that it was a day like any other, maybe worse than any other. You longed for a tender word, a treasured moment, a thoughtful gift. It did not happen.

Or maybe it simply did not happen in the way that would have most touched your heart.

Life passes by. Valentine’s Days come and go. Good ones and not-so-good ones.

It’s got me thinking.

How can we be intentional in love all year round, not just on the special days? How can we cultivate love in our families, so that a ‘not-so-good’ Valentine’s Day doesn’t really matter (because actually it might be the next day that your husband tells you how beautiful you are, or the next week that your child gives you a special gift they made).

And how can we, as wives and mums, be intentional in loving our husband and our kids?

Now, I do love. A lot. Every day.

I cook. I wash clothes (lots of them). I snuggle and play with my kids (and my husband). I listen. I encourage. I wipe tears. I cook and wash some more. I pour myself out in love.

But, when was the last time I actively thought, ‘How can I show my husband how special he is to me this week?’ or ‘How can I love my child in a way that uniquely touches his heart today?’ and actually make a plan and put it into action?

That’s a different kind of loving. It’s loving by intention, not just by default.

Loving by default is good. It’s real. It’s everyday life. We need to do this.

But just how special is loving by intention? You’ll know from the precious times when you’ve been the recipient.

There are some great books out there on loving our husbands, and on loving our kids. The best ones I know on how to love with intention are the books in The 5 Love Languages series by Gary Chapman.

The premise of this series is that everyone receives love in different ways, whether that be words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, gifts or acts of service. The books identify these 5 Love Languages, and then give great ideas on how to intentionally love in each of these ways.

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts is for married couples. My husband and I read this many years ago, and, boy, did it impact our marriage! (I now understand why I was so upset when my husband mysteriously disappeared on the eve of my birthday to buy me flowers, when all I wanted was the time with him.)

The 5 Love Languages of Children includes a Love Language Mystery Game to help identify your child’s primary love language, plus lots of ideas to put this loving into action. Apart from anything else, it’s just a wonderful parenting book!

The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers: The Secret to Loving Teens Effectively. I’ve just started reading this book, and am amazed at the insights and ideas I’m gaining. Loving teens is a whole new ball-game. I’m really excited to read more.

Well, if you’re like me, reading one of these books is the easy part, the putting into action is more difficult!

So, let me also introduce you to a new resource I’ve written: The Cultivate Love Challenge: 50+ Ideas and Resources to Help Your Family Grow in Love.

50+ ideas, planners and printables to strengthen your marriage, deepen relationship with your kids, and help your children grow in friendship. I wrote it because it's something I want to do with my family, too. Join me! Click through to get it for FREE.

The Cultivate Love Challenge is

  • a FREE resource to strengthen your marriage, deepen your relationship with your kids, and help your children grow in friendship.
  • 30 pages of great ideas, AND the planners and printables you need to put them into action.
  • a community of mums and moms, encouraging each other to be intentional in love.
  • something I’m doing with my own family, and will be posting updates on each month.

I’m excited about it. And I’d love for you to join me!

You can click here to find out more, and get ‘The Cultivate Love Challenge’ for FREE.

Let’s do this together! Let’s encourage our families to be intentional in love all year round (not just on Valentine’s Day).


Joanna May

Joanna May Chee is from the UK, but currently lives in Turkey with her family. She has four lovely children, aged 17, 16, 13 and 11. Joanna blogs at Mums.Kids.Jesus where she shares ideas, inspiration and encouragement for mums and moms! Her post 110 Great Books for Boys was previously featured as Leslie’s favourite post on Literacy Musing Mondays. You can follow Joanna on Facebook and Pinterest.

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    GiGi Eats
    March 4 at 9:57 am

    I am happy to say that my family has a wonderful relationship – and I wouldn’t change anything about my family AT ALL!

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      March 6 at 8:26 am

      GiGi, that is wonderful to hear! Sadly, many families can not say this.

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