30 Days to Discovering Your Niche

I shut down my blog last year in an effort to be a better mother.  I thought there would be no time with a new baby coming.  Here I am a year later with a full family (hubby, two teens and an 8 month old) wishing more than ever I hadn’t torn my blog to pieces.

 I want to write.  It’s a source of enjoyment for me.  Yet, I’ve gotten trapped in the whole ‘write for a specific niche’ thing that is emphasized in the blogging community.  I can’t seem to decide on one.  I’ve read most of the blog posts and eBooks out there on choosing a niche.

 I’m still lost.

The Solution…

 30 Days to Discovering Your Niche

I’m going to write about what’s on my mind  for 30 days.

That’ll allow me to be me.  Maybe along the way I’ll discover what my true niche is.   Maybe?  Tag along for the 30 days.  See if you can see a niche forming along the 30 day journey.  Better yet…

Take a few minutes right now to skim through my blog, read a few posts and see if you can identify a niche already.


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    Quite an age gap. We have 3 kids under four and there teenage girls. This house is very rarely quiet.

    I find my blog is a place of sanctuary. Once I write I.shut everything else off.

    How is the family?


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    Hi Tami
    Nice to meet you here. I enjoy your honesty and would just like to say that if you want to write because you enjoy writing, then just do it. You will find your niche. I am still looking but if you are just yourself you will attract people to you.
    And as for being busy, I remember when my youngest daughter was about 12 months old I decide to go back to studying, I had 3 other children, 11, 9 and 3. all at school. I also had a part time evening job 3 nights a week from 7 till midnight. I still managed to take 3 exams in 8 month.
    If your reason why is big enough you will succeed
    Hope that helps you

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      Wow, that was a lot on your plate! I do enjoy writing, so I may not give up my blog although it seems like the only thing to do some days.

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    I know what you mean. I write about what happens in my life (sometimes quite boring to others I suppose) and my crafting. No niche as I don’t specialise in anything. I will follow with interest in the hope that I can learn something.

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      I think I’m dwelling too much on what others think of me, instead of just writing about what interests me.

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    I have had a similar issue over the years – I’ve dismantled several blogs of my own in search of the right ‘niche’. Still struggling to find it, but I am determined to move forward this time and stick to it :-) Looking forward to following your 30 day journey… good luck!!

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        A part of me definitely regrets it, because I lost some posts I’d love to have back (even if it’s just for myself to look back on), and the feeling of starting something without finishing it is never a good one. At the same time, though, I think it was a good move in some ways – it’s been a learning experience, and it’s helped me to be more focused in my writing, which is something I’ve definitely been needing!

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    I completely understand – our blog is about parenting so I guess it’s a “Mommy blog” but there’s a lot else to it such as recipes (parents cook!), cloth diapering (all three of the moms on my page have babes under 4 in cloth diapers), exercise (parents exercise…sometimes), etc. It can be hard to pick a “niche” when you have so much going on.

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      Yes, so much going on!

      I thought about cloth diapering but it looks like a lot of added work for a working mom. Your thoughts?

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    Great idea!! I quit my blog because I wanted to start again and get focused on my interests – didn’t quite realise how hard it would be to get back in the blogging saddle. Looking forward to the next 30 days x good luck!

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      Did you regret quitting? Did you delete the blog and start over or did you just pick up where you had left off, leaving your blog alive while you took your break?

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    Hi Tami,

    I hope that you find a niche that you like during your 30-day challenge. Finding profitable niches can be difficult. Finding one that is not extremely saturated can be intimidating. The key to finding niches that are both profitable and have little competition is drilling down a top-level niche to find profitable sub-niches with fewer competitors.

    Rachel recently posted The 16 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful People

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      This isn’t as easy as I’d like for it to be. I’m just writing as time allows. It seems all I’ve written about is marriage, but I’ve only written a few posts. I definitely won’t meet the 30 posts in 30 days goals.

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    Hi Tami,

    I can soooo resonate with this. Figuring out your niche is one of my biggest things, because it took me so long.

    I hope the next 30 days will bring you some clarity. Would love to know what exercises you have done already to try and help you figure it out.

    We will be going over this on Monday. Some if it might be familiar, but I hope i’m able to be part of your solution, because i really feel your pain of needing to get this.

    I know you can do it, because I did it and I never thought I would.

    Good Luck,

    Beth :)

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      Most things I’ve read had me making lists of my passions, etc. to help me brainstorm. Any suggestions? I guess I missed the Monday discussion.

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    HI Tammy,
    Welcome to the challenge. I am sure we will all figure out a few things during the next 30 days. I was unable to figure out any one particular niche, but if I had to take a guess, I would say Parenting.
    All the best to you.

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      I haven’t written very many posts, so I haven’t really discovered a niche just yet. That’s not going to keep me from writing when I can though.

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    Wow, now this sounds interesting. Choosing a niche can be a challenge so I look forward to following your journey and seeing where you land.

    Most importantly, Have Fun!

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      That’s why I blog. It’s fun — a more description would be that it is my way of winding down or escaping for a little bit.

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    Looking forward to learning from you. I have 9 kids ages 29 tomorrow to 10 years of age.
    Kids keep us both busy. As we learn, so to they.

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    Good luck with finding your niche. It really is one of the hardest things to do when blogging. I think if you write about things you are passionate about you will succeed in finding your niche.
    And good luck with your family but as a Mum to teenage boys I have to break it to you – there will never be enough time in the day. :)
    Best wishes

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      So far, I’ve blogged about marriage. We’ll see, as I should give it more than 4 posts before deciding.

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      I’m hoping He does, too. I’m almost afraid that with a new baby, He’s trying to tell me to stop blogging. It seems there is very little time to get to it.

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