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About This MomHello!  I’m Tami Qualls. I’m a wife celebrating 22 years of marriage. I am a momma to two young adults and a preschooler. What a gap, huh! As a child of God, I’m learning just how true delighting in the Lord does bring about the desires of one’s heart. As a mom, I’m learning to accept God’s grace in my shortcomings and imperfects that come with motherhood.  I find a great source of guidance and encouragement through the word of God, supplemented with books written by others who have gone down the roads I’m currently on or am about to face. I also delight in seeing my children read, so I take every opportunity to sit down with my youngest child to read. The older two aren’t into momma reading to them anymore. I wonder why?!?

Here at This Mom’s Delight, you’ll walk that journey with me, as I share which books and resources are worthy of the limited time you have to read and grow in your roles as a child of God, wife, mother, and so on.

The Desires God Has Placed in My Heart

My greatest desire is to see my children live their lives for God. My older two have accepted Jesus as their Savior … Praise God!  I will be sharing more of the desires God has placed on my heart within the pages of this blog.  Please subscribe to join me in this journey of intentional motherhood filled with overflowing bookshelves. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.



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