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Becoming Resilient

October 3
by Donna Gibbs

I’ve experienced disappointment, rejection, injustice and loss. I’m sure you have, too. I’m not quite certain I’ve handled these intruders the best way possible. At times, I’ve been left feeling crippled.

Becoming Resilient

Reading a complimentary copy of the book pictured above, I have learned how to come back stronger after experiencing any variation of suffering. I read my way through this book, sometimes rereading sections to allow myself to really take it in. I learned new things, as well as being reminded of things I’ve learned from reading my Bible or hearing it preached at church. Among these things include:

  • 3 Sources of Suffering
  • 10 Things That Keep Us Stuck in Suffering
  • 9+ Results of Remaining Stuck in Suffering

I also learned the importance of gratitude and balancing emotional bondage in getting unstuck.

The victory verses provided for each chapter of this book brought me back to the truth – wrapping up the book content around God’s word.

One section that really stuck out for me was titled “Is it possible to inadvertently worship our suffering?” While I was convicted, I was also shown how to move past this. Another section gave me balanced and biblical perspective on self-care … just what I needed.

While suffering comes at no convenient time, I’m glad to have this book, as well as my Bible, as resources for those times.


Becoming Resilient Book Cover Becoming Resilient
Donna Gibbs
September 5

About the Book

Everyone suffers disappointment, rejection, injustices, and losses, perhaps even traumatic ones. The spiritual pain born of such suffering can paralyze us, leaving us broken inside and barely getting by with the motions of life. Whether we remain stuck or move forward is determined in large part by our resilience. Concise and compassionate, Becoming Resilient takes our most common question when tragedy strikes--Why?--and replaces it with the healthier, more productive question, What next? A professional Christian counselor for 20 years, author Donna Gibbs draws on her experience helping clients get unstuck, sharing secrets for building resilience that will change readers' experience of suffering. She offers practical tools and effective coping strategies to deal with whatever life throws their way so they can move through suffering--and come out stronger on the other side.

Grab a copy:

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    Anita Ojeda
    October 4 at 7:54 am

    This sounds like a really good book! I’ve often wondered if I’ve worshipped at the alter of suffering before. I’m glad you were my neighbor at LMM linkup!

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