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CD Review: A Girl Like Me by Julie Elias

December 8

I have been listening to more music now that I am at home most of the time. I enjoy listening to music while I do dishes. However, I have to be careful what I listen to, not only my own spiritual benefit but because of the 5-year-old ears also listening.

Receiving a complimentary copy of Julie’s new music (see below), was just what I needed. I have been listening to the same ol’ playlist for a while now and it was getting old. Her music is uplifting and helps me get through the mundane household tasks each day. I think I’ve even gotten through my daily list much faster and find myself happier because of the wonderful message she offers with her beautiful voice.

I have even caught my little guy humming and moving to the music a time or two.


About the Music

Product info: “A Girl Like Me” is Julie’s latest album which will be available on all digital music outlets, including iTunes, on October 27, 2017. Meant to be a companion to her girls’ events, every original song on the album as an intentional purpose and story behind it, from the conflict with a good friend in “Forgive Me” to her own feelings of unworthiness in “A Girl Like Me” to revisiting one of her favorites when she was a teen, a cover of DC Talk’s “In the Light.”  The songs are a happy marriage of both heartfelt messages and both theatrical anthems and intimate lullabies when the occasion calls for it. Whether you are a young woman in life or simply a young woman at heart, that album reminds us all that despite our failures and stubbornness, we need to “still believe a girl like me could be worthy of a King.”


About Julie

Julie Elias is a Christian singer/songwriter who’s story is unique but equally inspiring. Realizing a life in Hollywood as an actress, including appearing on shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “CSI:NY,” was not bringing her the happiness and contentment she was looking for, she surrendered herself to what God wanted her to do: be an influence in Christian music and use her stories of rejection, beauty and her own faith to encourage others. In 2014, she founded Aurora Ministries, a 501c3 non-profit that creates Christian material and events specifically for teen and tween girls. Through music, booklets, blogging, conferences and girls’ events, Julie has been able to share God’s role in her life – even when she didn’t think He was there – and find common ground to inspire young women all over the world.

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CD Review: A Girl Like Me by Julie Elias

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