Couponing for the Rest of Us: The Not-So-Extreme Guide to Saving More

May 17

Learning to use coupons can be very intimidating.  With Kasey’s help, you and I both can start small and appreciate the savings we make along the way…

I tried couponing a few years ago and I bombed.  I had a all or nothing approach, which obviously didn’t work.  I didn’t have the time or patience to invest in being obsessive and perfect at it.  Reading Couponing For The Rest of Us, I’ve been offered to give myself a little slack and just do what I can to save in a way that fits my lifestyle.  I’m a working mom of two teens and a baby, married to a hubby that does most of the cooking and wants to use coupons.  I don’t have a lot of free time, but I could squeeze in some couponing at my own pace.

I see a lot of blogs that focus on couponing at drug stores.  I was sad to see that my local town didn’t have the most commonly mentioned CVS drug store.  Recently, we received a Walgreens and this book tells me how to grab the savings and freebies that are offered by Walgreens.  I can’t wait to get started!

I don’t feel so intimidated by little glossy squares of paper now that I’ve read this book!  I admit that we eat out a lot, simply because we never go grocery shopping on a regular basis.   I hope to change that by using the suggestions in this book to make a grocery list centered around store ads and coupons.

I received a copy of the book from Revell Publishing in exchange for my honest review.



About the Book

Founder of Time 2 $ave Shows Busy Woman How to Save Big

Without Spending Hours a Week Clipping Coupons


Couponing expert Kasey Knight Trenum will be the first to tell you that she does not like coupons. But she does love saving money. Faced with mounting bills after her husband was downsized five years ago, Trenum turned to coupons to plug the hole in their savings account. She spent hours researching how to use coupons effectively and easily reduced her family’s weekly grocery bill by 75 percent. “I’ve learned how to balance savings with having a life and without it becoming an obsession,” says Trenum. “I’ve never woken up singing the praises of a coupon; I’ve just sung the joys of saving a ton of money.”

Trenum shares the ins and outs of couponing and all the secrets she’s put to good use over the years in Couponing For the Rest of Us: The Not-So-Extreme Guide to Saving More. With her help, readers will discover ways to save hundreds of dollars every month and ultimately improve their family’s finances without letting it take over their lives. Couponing for the Rest of Us shows readers:

  • Where to find coupons for what your family eats
  • How to make the internet do the work for you
  • How to find sale cycles and store match-ups (and what those terms mean!)
  • How to reinvent your shopping strategy and toss your lists
  • How to make grocery shopping less stressful – even fun!
  •  How to turn money saved into money shared
  • Make couponing fit your life not become your life


“If you’re worried that you aren’t a coupon kind of girl, don’t,” writes Trenum. “You don’t have to be in love with coupons. You don’t have to compute math in your head. And you don’t have to set aside hours each week just to work on your coupons. I can’t stress enough – balance is the key to making couponing work for you. You have to figure out how to make it fit into your world; it cannot become your world.”

After shoppers started following Trenum out to her car to find out how she was getting such good deals, she realized she had a lifestyle solution she could share. She began teaching couponing workshops. In 2009, she co-founded Time 2 $ave, a frugal and couponing blog, to help others discover how to make couponing work for them. The silver lining to her savings from coupons became an empowering focus on giving to others.  She has helped thousands improve their lives and become purposeful givers.

Kasey Knight Trenum is the cofounder of Time 2 $ave (www.time2saveworkshops.com), a frugal and couponing blog and conducts Time 2 $ave workshops frequently. Her weekly column can be read in Scripps newspapers nationwide, her work has been featured in Parade and All You and she has been interviewed on NPR’s All Things Considered and HLN’s Making it in America. She has a personal passion for seeing women, men and families find financial freedom, be empowered to improve their lives and become purposeful givers. She and her husband and children live in Tennessee.

Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, offers practical books for everyday life.  For more information, visit www.RevellBooks.com.



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