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Every Mom is a Working Mom, But…

March 22


Are you a working mom?  Yes, I know — “all moms are working moms” –  which is a statement made a lot by women who aren’t working outside the home.  It is a true statement as all moms work hard at keeping their homes, raising their children and doing the many other things required of them (or that they do out of love).

Yet, that leaves those of us who leave our home to earn a living without a ‘label’ we can apply (or search for on the web) when we need some encouragement or answers.

Every Mom is a Working Mom


I’ve heard of payroll SHE but it belongs to Flylady.  We sometimes say  working outside the home mom but it’s just too wordy.  We need a coin phrase that is short and fits.  Mom with a job is catchy but could still apply to moms working at home.

Why am I trying to set apart moms working outside the home from those who are at home full-time?  

While we are all working moms, those of us leaving our homes have additional hats we wear that are unique to our situations (just like at-home moms may have their own unique hats).   We need the support of one another to manage the extra hats we wear, including:

  • The hat of worried mom as she seeks out a worthy daycare provider before  returning to work,   {Did you enter the infant formula giveaway?}
  • The hat of co-worker, employee and/or boss while holding the values of a Proverbs 31 woman,
  • The hat of guilty mom as she hears about the special moments missed while away at work,
  • The hat of creative time manager as she prioritizes relationships and arranges tasks (letting go of the unnecessary) in the few hours at home, and
  • The many other hats not listed.  {Read 500 Hats of a Modern Day Woman for some encouragement.  –  Kindle Fire Giveaway through 03/30.}

Leave a comment:  What short and fitting coin phrase do you suggest for a mom working outside the home?  



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