Glimpsing Grace in Ordinary Days

February 6

Are you looking for a quick but thoughtful nightly read?  That’s what I’ve found with Christine Litavsky’s book Glimpsing Grace in Ordinary Days.

glimpsing grave

Each story presented by the author is one she’s qualified to tell.   They are events from her own life or that of her family’s.  I enjoyed getting to know this author within the pages of the book through the telling of these stores.  Her stories weren’t just stories.  They connected the reader (me) to a spiritual thought or sometimes a nudge to give a little grace to my own children, or even to myself.

I’ve been given a reminder to slow down (which is really difficult for this fast-paced girl),  enjoy the people around me, and to allow God to love others through me.

I thought a had a favorite story picked out; then I found another and another that I liked just as much.  The White Caped Crusader, for example, reminded me that my children need undivided attention to play with them.  They enjoy our simple presence and involvement.

I can relate several of these stories to instances in my own life, whether they be nudges to stop what I’m doing or to pursue better relationships through the small acts of grace found within the pages and in our own lives.

Slow down and read the book!

I received the book through BookCrash in exchange for my honest review.

About Glimpsing Grace in Ordinary Days

Using true life stories from the author’s everyday life, Glimpsing Grace in Ordinary Days reminds us that God is always at work, even when it’s hard to see His hand in our daily routines. It helps readers pull out often-elusive glimmers of grace out of our chaotic world, examine them, and rest in the assurance that we are loved by God. Whether we’re struggling with a divorce, remodeling a kitchen, or chaperoning a field trip, glimmers of grace are there, free for the taking, but we do need to reach out and grasp them. This book helps us remember we can.  Authored by Christine Litavsky.

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