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November 15

Welcome back to Literacy Musing Mondays. I enjoyed reading the posts you contributed last week.  My favorite one {so hard to choose} is:

Christmas Time… A Kids Book Giveaway – not only because there is a book being given away, but because I was presented with the great idea of 25 Books of Christmas!  Not only do I want to do this for my little one this year, I have an excuse to buy more Christmas books for my little guy!  He loves to ‘weeed’ with mommy!  I love it just as much, if not more!

We have a busy linkup today with lots of great stuff and important giveaway reminders! So with out further ado, introducing today’s guest hosts who are sharing their best tips for growing readers!


Tip for Growing a Reader and a Delightful Dad Read


Today I’m honored to be guest-hosting for Literacy Musings, and I’m SO excited! I’ve been busting at the seams for an opportunity to share this really funny video – and this is the best place to do just that!

It’s not a secret that both Candy and I love books. Actually, we love words. Love to write, love geeky grammar jokes, we’re allured to alliteration, and up-to-date on the correct usage of the Oxford comma (even tho’ I’ve been knows to misuse it time and again).

And therefore it’s not a surprise, either, that our kids are readers.

Up until high school, they’ve participated in our homeschool association’s “Reading Olympics”, where they score for pages-read during the school year, and even with the addition of screens via computers and video games and iPods, they still enjoy the written word. Makes a momma real happy 🙂

When they were young, we read aloud to them almost religiously…at bedtime, in the afternoons, on rainy days, or for no “reason” at all. As a matter of fact, when they were still in cribs, I would often toss a board book or two into the crib and encourage them to “read” while I took a shower and dressed in the morning! I never told them they couldn’t read…subsequent reading lessons in school were no big deal: just another part of our school day.

Of course, even though I read to them during the day, it was much more fun when daddy read in the evenings or on weekends! He “became” the characters, and loved to almost act out the parts. Also a lover of words, Paul’s favorite books to read were those written by Dr. Seuss and Richard Scarry and Shel Silverstein. Those authors, among others, had such a fun and skillful use of the language! One day our oldest daughter Lauren was home from college and “caught” daddy reading “Runny Babbit” to our younger kids. If you’re not familiar with that book, you HAVE to check it out of the library, or better yet, purchase your own copy. He writes a series of (very) short stories about a Bunny Rabbit using spoonerisms…it’s an uproarious tongue-twister!

So here’s the aforementioned video, for your literary enjoyment:



Which, of course, leads me to my “tip” for growing a reader at home ~

Starting Early and Often…Make Reading Fun

And if you can get dad, or another enthusiastic adult, to add a little excitement or twist of their own…all the better! A different voice, a different approach, a different presentation of books helps children realize the breadth and depth or words, and the potential and possibility they hold…

Needing a bit of parenting encouragement today? Hop on over to PatAndCandy where we’re featuring a review of Anita Mellot’s devotional “Home is Where The School Is”…

Thanks again, Mary, for the opportunity to guest host and “head up” the party today!

Keep reading, everyone 🙂

Pat-headshot (Square)

Pat Fenner is mom to 5, and has been homeschooling for almost 20 years. A lover-of-words from way back, she encourages others in parenting and home educating with her pal and co-devotee, Candy Reid, over at Connect with them on Social sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.

Have you entered the two giveaways?

The Cherished Magazine subscription giveaway continues until Sunday, November 22nd! Remember, we will have two giveaway winners.

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Plus there is still time to enter Mary’s giveaway of the book by Linda Kuhar, Worthy of a Miracle, which ends on Friday, November 27th.  You can read Mary’s review here. WorthyMiracle3c-194x300





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Did you read these fun books? I did. Leslie reminiscences about her experiences reading them and then shares how they are impacting her life now. She writes about how if she is not careful the books make her feel less than perfect like the mother and children seemed to be in these classics. You will want to read this interest post about these great books!

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    So glad you enjoyed Christmas Time! And hopefully you’ll love finding 25 books for Christmas this year.


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