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Why We Should Take Children to the Library {Literacy Musing Mondays Linkup}

September 6

It is week 34 of Literacy Musing Mondays and it also happens to be the Labor Day holiday. We know you love reading, writing and learning as much as we do. That’s why we invite you each week to share this love with us. Literacy Musing Mondays is not just for book reviews. This linkup is for posts on anything about the love of literacy and learning. Some examples of link up material you can share include:

  • Posts about why you write, read, or teach;
  • Writings about your love of words, poetry, or any form of literature;
  • An important newspaper or magazine article you have read; and of course
  • Book reviews, which are my favorite!
  • Seeking Guest Posts: What Role Has Literacy and Learning Played In Your Life?

    We are looking for guest posts for the rest of September on why reading and literacy are important to you. These posts will answer the question, “What role has literacy and learning played in your life?” Another accepted topic for these guest posts can also feature a list of tips to enhance the love of literacy and reading in your family’s life. Your post can be as creative as you want: a poem or essay and can be as long as you like. We will featured the first 300 to 400 words of the post on our Monday linkup and will provide a link to your blog post so our readers can visit your blog and finish reading the post. We hope you will consider participating. These posts have been fun. Let Mary know by sending your guest post to her at marykatbpcsc45 at gmail (dot) com. She will let you know the date the post will appear on Literacy Musing Mondays.

    Let’s Linkup

    What literacy activities have you participated in with your family and loved ones this week?
    What have you read?

    Please share. All family-friendly posts are welcome. 😉

    Literacy Musing Mondays

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    Last Week’s Top Clicked Post!

    Erin at Love, Peace, and Beauty

    Why We Should Take Children to the Library - Literacy Musing Mondays Linkup

    Featured @ Literacy Musing Mondays Linkup

    Erin is a teacher and mom who believes reading is essential in our homes. She shared some great reasons to take your children no matter their age to the library! I enjoyed reading this post and ironically it fit in with our guest post last week. Leslie DeJarnette of Forever Joyful shared 10 Tips for Enjoying the Library With your Children . I love how these two posts compliment each other, and I really recommend you read both of them before you take your little ones to the library again. Both posts are great reminders of how important libraries are to our families and communities.

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    Literacy Musing Mondays

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