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Ten Tips for Enjoying the Library with Your Children {Literacy Musing Mondays Linkup}

August 30

Welcome back to this week’s Literacy Musing Mondays featuring a guest post, as well as your favorite post from last week.

This week our guest post is courteous of Leslie DeJarnette.


Leslie is a devoted wife, mother of three great kids and, most importantly, a follower of Jesus Christ. She loves long summer days, photography and stealing quiet moments for writing. Connect with on her on her blog, Forever Joyful, or on Facebook, Twitter, orPinterest. Today she is sharing a great post on:

Ten Tips for Enjoying the Library with Your Children

By: Leslie DeJarnette

10 Tips

I love books. I really love free books. I love my kids. I want my kids to love books.

With all this book-loving, you’d probably think I love the library. You’re correct about that, but I haven’t always loved dragging my exuberant kids along with me. Gasp! Any upstanding mother should love taking her kids to the library. You may be wondering if you read correctly. Alas, yes. I didn’t always enjoy toting my kids to the library.

My aversion to the family library trip probably began when my oldest son was four and my then-youngest was a toddler. I’d pack my kiddos into the car while droning on about story hour and book checkout time. With not a moment to spare, I’d herd them quickly into room jammed full of other wonderful munchkins and overwhelmed mothers. Signs posted everywhere instructed parents to actively participate, which usually meant joining the librarian in an enthusiastic round of the Funky Chicken dance. Unfortunately, we had to simultaneously thwart our crawling babies’ escape from the racket music by offering contraband Cheerio bribes.

At the conclusion of the chaotic music- and story-extravaganza, I’d drag guide my darling children to the Easy Reader section for my early-reader son to make his selections.The problem was he had tunnel vision for DC Comic-based Easy Readers. If they were checked out, as they usually were, wailing ensued. Since my toddler had most likely been screaming on and off since stanza two of the Funky Chicken, at this point the din was loud enough to ruffle the feathers of all the childless adults calmly pursuing the bestsellers shelved nearby.

All hope would be lost as I’d scoop up my devastated, bookless four-year-old with one arm, attempting to one-handedly navigate my toddler’s stroller through the front door with the other. By the time my children were buckled securely into their cars eats, my resolve would be firm. I would NEVER EVER under any circumstance visit the library again. My resolve would last about a week until my love for free books once again kicked in and we were off on another library excursion.

If you want to read more about her hilarious excursions to the library and learn her 10 top tips for taking your children be sure to hurry over to her blog to read the rest of this post!

Now back to the linkup. What have you read this week? What literacy activities have you participated in with your family and loved ones. Please share. All family-friendly posts are welcome. 😉

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Best Librivox Books for Younger Kids

I love the new-to-me site she shared for audio books. I don’t have as much time to sit with a good book in hand. This will come in handy for this book fanatic! I highly recommend you check this post out!

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