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Literacy Musing Mondays: Reading Books by New Authors

January 18

Welcome back to Literacy Musing Mondays, where we link up our favorite posts about about all things learning, writing, reading, and blogging. As a working mom who desires to be home more and eventually homeschool her youngest child, I am blessed to find so many great resources via Literacy Musing Mondays. Not only do I find potential learning resources for my little guy, I add to my ever-growing and overflowing bookshelves.

What more could a mother ask for than children to pass her great love for books on to?

This week we hear from another guest. Before you read her guest post and link up with Literacy Musing Mondays, please let me share a few with you from last week that grabbed my attention (and hopefully yours).

My Favorite Post from Last Week’s Literacy Musing Mondays Linkup

Organization – New Calendar, New Bible Study New Prayer Journal – New Year – 2016

Organization – New Calendar, New Bible Study New Prayer Journal – New Year – 2016

Debbie’s words are an encouragement to me as I seek to spend more time in God’s word this year. I’ve really fallen away from it and prayer. She also hits on the need to be physically healthy so I can “minister to my husband [and] my kids…” I’ve really been too tired and anxious to be the best mother I can be. I am looking forward to putting more into my spiritual and physical health, so that I can be better used by God in my walk with Him and as I focus on my word for the year. Thanks, Debbie!

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The Most Clicked Post from Last Week’s Literacy Musing Mondays Linkup

Why I Don’t Read to My Baby by Leslie @ Forever Joyful

Guest Post: 3 Unusual Reasons to Read Books from New Authors

by Ifeoma Samuel

Ifeoma profile

There are many of us who would rather stick to the good old authors we enjoy. This is good in a way but limiting in the broader sense.

As a blogger, I am privileged to read resources from upcoming and fantastic writers. Sincerely, I do not subscribe to the idea of “Away with the Old, bring on the New.” You know why? Very soon today’s new will become the classics and all those beautiful writings and ideas will take the back seat!

As a writer, getting feedback from those who choose to read my book is very encouraging. Every writer craves to etch a good legacy that will live on, pass a remarkable message, and leave an audience wanting more of her writing.

As much as I equip my library with materials from veteran writers, I engage in discovering newbies. This way, I have a blend of both to enjoy and enhance my life.

Why should you read books from new writers?

  • As I mentioned before, every writer is blessed when someone encourages them through buying, reading and leaving a thoughtful note *if you can.*
  • You can never know how much potential a new writer has until you turn a page of her book. If she grows better, you know how she began as a writer. Plus, you have someone new to follow and enjoy which makes you a better fan.
  • Here is a secret for you, friend. If you are interested in writing a book yourself, a great place to start off is reading and studying books from new authors who write similarly to you. They tweak your thoughts and make you a better writer too!

Now your turn friends, have I managed to convince you to buy from a newbie. Do you have more reasons about why you would read a book from a new writer? Please share in the comments below.

About Ifeoma Samuel:
Happily married to her sweet heart, Obiora Samuel, Ifeoma is an author, a blogger and an occasional speaker at various women conferences in South Africa. She uses her writings to share everyday life stories about God’s immense love and encourages her readers to appreciate and live a life full of God’s Love. She is a member of the Ruby for Women Blogger team; a monthly guest for; and a contributing writer at Faith’n’Friends. Ifeoma is also the author of My 30 Days Journey To a Fulfilled Life. You can follow her on Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Good Reads, Amazon, and YouTube.

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