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May Habit: My Kiddos’ Laundry

May 3

There is so much laundry! I have gotten so far behind in keeping up laundry. It was to the point that even my daughter didn’t have anything to wear. And she’s the one in the family with the most clothes. (I am fortunate to have a cousin that gives me all of her daughter’s outgrown clothes for my daughter.)
On Friday, I took the day off with my daughter, because she didn’t have school, but my son did. I worked all day on her laundry. There were six huge loads, and I haven’t even washed her bedding. That is too much clothes for one nine year old girl.
With the prompting of my friend, Cherylann, I went through them and gave away some of the clothes. First, my daughter and I went through and pulled out what she was willing to let go of. Next, I matched up clothes (shirt with pants, etc.). The last thing I did was put away her winter clothes, except one pair of jeans. Now her closet is done.
My Smart Saturday Habit for the month of May will be to finish this project with my daughter’s clothes in her dresser (pajamas, undergarments, etc.). Then, to follow the same process with my son’s closet. I know right now that I won’t be giving away near as much, because he doesn’t have much to go through. He actually could use another pair of jeans.

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