Naked Fitness Book Review & Giveaway [Ends 02/14]

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The Proven 28 Day Weight Loss Program for a Slimmer, Fitter, Pain Free Body
by Andrea Metcalf

Book Summary

Naked Fitness is not about working out in the nude. And it’s not about being dressed in the best workout attire either. Naked Fitness is about stripping away all the clutter that stops you from getting your wonderful, beautiful body into the best shape possible. It’s about breaking down the barriers and fears that are keeping you from becoming motivated and staying on track. It’s about learning how to move your body without pain, align it to its fullest potential, and recognize how the correct alignment impacts your daily health. Naked Fitness is not just another exercise book. Instead, it uniquely tailors a solution specific to your body and build.

In Naked Fitness, you will look in the mirror and find your fountain of youth. Whether you are a couch potato or an agile athlete, you will learn how to look at your body and understand exactly what it needs to be in perfect alignment, and to feel and look your very best. The “Daily Ten” personalized routines are specific to which part of your spine needs alignment to function better. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, live healthier, or improve your performance on and o+ the field, you will find the answers in Naked Fitness. You can then take your routine one step further by completing the Naked Fitness web questionnaire and download your personalized exercise routine DVD.

This Mom’s Review

This book is a well-rounded book for prioritizing one’s health.  The highlights of this book include:

  • Exercises For Realigning The Body – I have a lot of back and neck pain due to misalignment.  I neglect going to the chiropractor because I don’t have the money to go all the time.  The exercises the author recommends keep the body aligned correctly, if done on a regular basis.
  • Do-Able Meal Plans – I’m one to shop for weird foods or try something that I know my family won’t touch.  The meal plans and food suggestions in this book are very do-able.  The foods include many that I like anyway.
  • Suggested Walking Routine – The amount of time the author suggests for daily walking was too much for me, until I read that I was to break it up throughout the day.  Sneaking in walking around my regular commitments is something I can do.

I look forward to giving this 28 day plan a try, once I’m finished with my current fitness challenge using the EA Sports Active 2.

Enter to win a copy of Naked Fitness by leaving a comment sharing one way you’re making your health a priority this year.

Giveaway open to U.S.  Ends 02/14/2011.

Thanks to FSB Media for providing the review & giveaway copies, in exchange for my honest review!  Don’t want to wait?  Read an excerpt and grab a copy of Naked Fitness now.

***Winner*** Congratulations to Brooke!

9 thoughts on “Naked Fitness Book Review & Giveaway [Ends 02/14]

  1. This year is the year I am going to not only get my body healthy but my mind too! I have 4 kids and I want to not only BE healthy for them but project a healthy outlook to food, fitness and life for them — especially my 11yr daughter.
    Jodi recently posted…Valentine Swap!My Profile

  2. this year i’m going to listen to my body more. give it rest when it calls for it, work it out when i’m feeling slugish, and eating foods that my body postively responds to.
    Brooke recently posted…I need your help!My Profile

  3. I am working on lowering my blood pressure and cholesterol levels by diet and weight loss.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  4. I decided this year that I didn’t want to say, “Okay! I’m going to lose 120lbs by next January!”

    I decided that I want to weigh less on December 31, 2011 than I did on December 31, 2010. That’s it. Even if it’s by a pound.

    So far, so good.
    Sierra recently posted…Chub Rub in New PlacesMy Profile

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