Peek Inside Animal Homes

November 2
by Anna Milbourne
Published by Usborne Books Genres: children's books

My son was so excited to find a bird’s next in our tree.  We had to check it every day, as we watched for evidence that the baby birds had been born. This was the perfect opportunity to share a book with him about animal homes.

Peek Inside Animal Homes - reviewed by momma and the little guy @ www.ThisMomsDelight.com

Peek Inside Animal Homes

A Peek Inside Animal Homes is the perfect book to accomodate this learning experience. The colors and details on each page definitely caught our eyes as we turned to each new page.   Then he discovered the flaps that he could open and close. While my little guy was being discovering what was behind he flap (or entrance to each home), I was reading to him about these homes. I even learned a few interesting facts.

About the BookPeek Inside Animal Homes - a kid book reviewed by the little guy and his mommy at thismomsdelight.com

An Overview of Peek Inside Animal Homes from Usborne Books & More:

Peek inside burrows, hives and treetops, and even under the sea, to find all kinds of animals in their homes.

Age Range: 3 years and up

Author: Anna Milbourne

About Amanda Daugherty and Usborne Books & More

Hi! I’m Amanda.  I was able to quit my full time job and currently work from home, thanks to Usborne! You can earn these books for free by hosting an Usborne FB party. The Usborne’s hostess rewards are very generous.

There are fundraisers available through Usborne, as well.

Usborne has been around for over 30 years. These are high quality books at a great price. They are innovative, creative and lavishly-illustrated. These are books that kids LOVE to read. Lifetime replacement discount of 50% off if your books become too loved. A wide variety of options from activity to fiction series to internet linked science and history encyclopedias to cute, educational, and funny books for the little ones.

Spreading literacy and sharing these books with anyone and everyone I can has become my passion. I don’t love these books because I sell them, I sell them because I love them. I adore this company. Our CEO and home office are both very hands-on when it comes to the consultants. They keep us updated with any new information or changes going on. There are no monthly quotas or minimums.

Again, the books I received are sturdy, educational and fun. My son has been enjoying his three Usborne Books repeatedly for the past few weeks we’ve had them. We read them, we play games using them and we (yes, both of us) are learning new things as we read them.

Read my reviews of the other two Usborne Books received from Amanda:

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You can find more books by visiting Amanda online via her website or Facebook I have started a list of Usborne Books that will help my son with his Apraxia and educational growth! Be sure to share this with your friends and family who have children.

Contact Amanda via phone (217-565-9361) or email to host a party or with any questions you have.

Disclosure: I received the above titled book from Amanda Daugherty, Independent Consultant for Usborne Books & More, in exchange for my honest review. I hope you like the book as much as my little guy does! The book is sturdy, educational and fun. My son has been enjoying his new Usborne books repeatedly for the past few weeks we’ve had it. We read it, we play games using the book we (yes, both of us) are learning new things as we read the book.

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