Show Me How to Share Christ in the Workplace

October 30

Sharing Christ with others should be something we are enthusiast about.  Yet, if you’re like me, fear keeps you from leading anyone to Christ.

Reading Show Me How to Share Christ in the Workplace has given me a little more confidence to move forward in my witnessing.

  • First, by showing me how I can share my testimony.  I don’t feel I am living in a way that would convince anyone to follow Christ. Part of the difficulty also is because I am shy when it comes to sharing my beliefs, afraid of rejection.  The other part was not knowing what to share about myself and my salvation story.  The authors gives you a step by step outline of what to share and even provides another’s example.
  • Second, by reminding me of the importance of living a life that will “draw them closer to Christ, not drive them from Him”.  [page 44]   I’ve ask God’s forgiveness for my wayward walk lately and will be looking to him on a daily basis as I live according to His Word.   This will mean some difficult adjustments in my daily living, but it will so be worth seeing friends and co-workers come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.
  • Third, not only have I been given some practical advise within the workplace, I can be a great witness to extended family and friends.  As I look around me, I know of family who think I’m just a good person.  They don’t know the motivation behind my striving to do right.  They don’t now my personal Savior as I do.  I need to be more bold about sharing Him with others.

There is more to this book than I’ve shared above, but those are the key things that helped me with my struggle as a wanna-be-witness.

I received a copy of this book from TBB Media in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book

Two kinds of Christians go to work. For the first person, hisworkplace is his ministry. For the second, his workplace is nothing more than a job. In truth, it should be both—the workplace is where a Christian not only goes to perform his job but also a place to engage in his ministry.

In his timely and insightful new book, Show Me How to Share Christ in the Workplace (Fall 2012 Kregel), evangelist and author Dr. Larry Moyer challenges every committed Christian to recognize that he or she is in full-time ministry. “The concept that professional, paid Christian workers such as pastors, music directors and youth workers are the only ones in ministry could not be further from the truth. We’re all in ministry 24/7.” To balance obligations to our employer and our commitment to share Christ, Moyer comments, “The Bible tells us how to get to heaven. It also tells us how to take those in the workplace along with us. So when trying to impact the workplace for Christ, the Bible is the place to start.”

Show Me How to Share Christ in the Workplace is available from your favorite local bookstore and at www.EvanTell.org

About the Author

Larry Moyer is founder, CEO, and visionary of Dallas-based EvanTell, one of the most innovative evangelistic organizations in the world. Moyer has been sharing the gospel clearly and simply and equipping Christians to do the same for more than forty years. Through evangelistic events and training seminars, EvanTell has empowered more than a half million people across six continents to share the message of Jesus Christ anywhere and anytime and has resulted in more than 26 million presentations of the gospel.

Dr. Moyer’s ministry has taken him through the United States and to more than sixty foreign locations as a speaker in churches, area-wide outreaches, camps, pastors’ conferences and seminars on evangelism. He is an evangelistic speaker for EvanTell’s Operation Friendship weekends and Wild Game Feasts, both of which target the non-Christian. He is a regular guest lecturer in evangelism at Word of Life Bible Institute in New York and Florida and visiting professor at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Singularly focused on the Gospel, Moyer has authored evangelism-focused books such as Show Me How to Share the Gospel, Show Me How to Answer Tough Questions and Show Me How to Preach Evangelistic Sermons among others. Show Me How to Share Christ in the Workplace is powerful instruction on what really works in the workplace, based squarely on God’s Word.

According to Moyer, “Your workplace is not merely your job; it‘s your ministry. Let‘s learn to use that job to populate heaven. Then you will have had the greatest ministry of all. Your workplace will not only be the means of meeting temporary needs such as putting food on the table or providing funds for a vacation. It will also count for something eternal—introducing those you work with to the only One who can give them life that never ends.”

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