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How To Rock Your Small Workspace!

May 1

This post is sponsored by PhotoWall with affiliate links included.

Do we share the same problem? Do you have a small workspace with multiple purposes and lots of distraction?

I live in a small house where areas must be multi-functional. For example, we both eat our meals and learn the ABCs and 123s at the dining room table. The room also holds two-thirds of our homeschooling materials. It works, so no big deal. Then there comes my makeshift office, which is a small workspace with multiple purposes. My desk is shoved in the corner of my bedroom next to my bed. Experts advise us not to work where we sleep. I do make a point not to bring my work to bed, but the desk actually works best in my bedroom. It offers me a quiet area while the rest of the family is making noise through the rest of the house. As an introvert, I need a quiet space to recharge through writing, planning and creative projects.

So, how does someone reach maximum productivity despite the minimal space? You rock your small workspace with PhotoWall! Here’s how we did it:

Decide The Purpose of Your Small Workspace

For me, my small workspace has to be multi-functional. It’s where I study my Bible and plan for the week. This includes laying out which objectives my son will work toward in his homeschooling and developmental goals. I also do my creative projects and do the majority of my blogging tasks, including writing book reviews, in this space. That’s a lot going on in such a small space. That’s why the next step is so important.

Eliminate the Unnecessary in Your Small Workspace

The best approach for this was to remove everything, then only put back what was needed. In my bedroom, I currently have a box of items I have not needed in my new workspace. They will be finding a new home, even if it’s the trash or shredder. These things include printouts I never read, documents to be filed and my son’s toys. Hey boy, get out of my space!

Love Your Small Workspace

Now that all the mess is gone, you have space to actually work. Still, if it isn’t pleasant to the eye, your progress will be stifled. Is your desk broken, awkward or just plain ugly?

Then, choose a desk you love. Decorate your desk and adjoining walls with your favorite colors and accessories. Just don’t clutter your small workspace and all the new found empty spots.

For me, with limited space, I chose to use a desk I already had, even though I didn’t love it 100%. Why would I do that? Keep reading…

How To Rock Productivity In Your Small Workspace!

Be Creative With Your Current Workspace

The desk is older but sturdy.  The desk is designed for the use of a PC (desktop computer) with a keyboard.  I will still able to make this work for the laptop I use.

The keyboard tray is used as a drawer. The shelving holds for my small file box (everything else is being electronically stored). I use the smaller shelf for its original purpose … to house my printer. The rest of the space is reserved for things I use at my desk. My top shelf used to be stacked high with stuff. Now, it ‘s just mostly empty only housing my writing reference books and my washi tape. Don’t forget to add those pretty flowers your son chose just for you. The desk is sitting right next to my bed, so my reading lamp is on the desk, along with a small container of bedside items (lotion, etc.).

While I love the shelving, I hated the surface of my desk. It’s one of those that is not real wood; it’s particle wood. My mom’s love for oak has grown on me. However, the functionality of this desk was enough to keep it. Looking through PhotoWall’s awesome assortment of wall mural prints, I got this crazy idea to recover my desk in one of their prints. Take a look at PhotoWall’s awesome prints below, as well as on and Instagram.

These images were the finalists in my decision. I realized how distracting the bright pink and the stripes would be. The one with flowers would provide a welcoming tone on a wall but probably wouldn’t have turned out so well on a desk.

Get Started Rocking Your Workspace

With my awesome mom’s help, we recovered the ugly desk. It was actually easier than I thought it’d be. I’m excited to await a smaller canvas of the same print to hang on the adjoining wall as an accent piece.  Oh, how I love my new small workspace!

Here are some snapshots of our project:

How to Rock Your Small Workspace!

My other helper

How to Rock Your Small Workspace!

The tools provided by PhotoWall

How to Rock Your Small Workspace!

The adhesive was easy enough to mix. The little guy helped stir.


How to Rock Your Small Workspace!

We had to do some planning before applying the pieces to the desk.


How to Rock Your Small Workspace!

My mom hard at work.


Grab a beautiful canvas or wall mural from to rock your small workspace! I’d love to know if you order one for its traditional use (as a wall mural) or if you have something creative up your sleeve.  If you’re undecided visit PhotoWall’s Instagram wall for some inspiration.

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How To Rock Your Small Workspace! Sponsored by PhotoWall


  • Reply
    May 3 at 10:36 am

    Beautiful job!!! Love the desk and especially your helper!

  • Reply
    Leigh Suznovich
    May 3 at 7:04 pm

    I love all of these tips and your space looks so great!!

  • Reply
    May 3 at 7:37 pm

    What great tips and I love how the desk turned out. Very neat and an easy way to brighten up your workspace.

  • Reply
    May 4 at 12:24 pm

    Love this!! I have a small workspace as well, I love the idea of decorating the desk

  • Reply
    Chanell Sinkfield
    May 4 at 2:11 pm

    Such a fun way to brighten up a space! Thank you for the super easy and awesome tips!

  • Reply
    Tanvi Rastogi
    May 4 at 9:38 pm

    What a great work space. Loved all your tips 🙂

  • Reply
    Jane Wilson
    June 20 at 2:36 am

    It looks lovely! You have a real tallent for DIY, that desk went through quite the makeover. I have a very small home office too, and the fact that my daughter’s toys are all over it doesn’t help. Fortunately we are at a point of our lives where I don’t have to use it much, because I go to my real office more often lately. But it would still be nice to have some space to myself, it’s very weird how quickly kids overtake your entire existence in the cutest way possible.

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