The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers

August 20

I’ve discovered another great resource on parenting teens!

Book Summary:

The 5 Love Languages of TeenagersSocially, mentally, and spiritually teenagers face a variety of pressures and stresses each day. Despite these peer pressures; it is still the parents who can influence teens the most.  Are you equipped to love your teenager effectively? Dr. Gary Chapman is here to help, with a special edition of the New York Best-Selling book The 5 Love Languages™.

Get equipped to be a better parent as this book explores the world in which teenagers live; explains the developmental changes; and give tools to help you identify and appropriately communicate in your teens love language. Get practical tips on loving your teen effectively and explore key issues in your teen’s life including anger and independence. Finally learn how to set boundaries that are enforced with discipline and consequences, and discover useful ways for the difficult task of loving when your teen fails. Do you know your teenagers love language?

My Review:

As I read about each of the five love languages, I didn’t feel that I knew my kiddos very well.  I saw bits and pieces of my kiddos in each of the languages described.  As I continued reading, the author gave instruction on how to discover a child’s main love language.   I think my son leans most toward “Physical Touch” and my daughter more toward “Gifts”, although I see a hint of “Words of Affirmation”, “Quality Time” and “Acts of Service” with each of them.  I’m definitely going to pay more attention to discover how I can more effectively parent these two blessings God has given me.

This book also covers other parenting topics:

Anger – It’s a problem in our house, that I’ve unfortunately passed down to one of my children.  I look forward to implementing the guidelines for “breaking destructive patterns” and “forging constructive paths” with my family.

Failure – Every child fails, just as every adult fails, at some point in their lives.  Parents need to know how to love their child even when he or she fails.

Single Parents and Blended Families – I am fortunate to be married to my children’s father.  I know many children are in single parent homes or blended families and there are more challenges to be faced.

I recommend this book to anyone with teenagers or pre-teens.  Be ready before they turn into a teen.  It comes quickly and before you’re ready!

Thank to Moody Publishers for sending me a review copy in exchange for my honest review.  You can read an excerpt before purchasing your own copy from Amazon.com, ChristianBook.com or your local bookstore.  It’s available on the Kindle, too.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gary Chapman is the author of the New York Times bestselling The 5 Love Languages™ book and series. With more than 35 years of pastoring and marriage counseling experience, he travels the world presenting seminars to couples who want to improve their marriage relationship. He is host of the weekly radio program Building Relationships, which airs on more than 170 stations.

Visit the 5lovelanguages.com website and on Facebook.  Follow Gary on Twitter.

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