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The Loss of A Child

August 21

Last night, we were driving home from my son’s football scrimmage and we were in a wreck. I’m very thankful for my hubby’s quick reflexes and God’s protection. Now we get the fun job of filing insurance claims.

We were really blessed to have had no personal injuries. It makes me feel guilty for mentioning it, though.


My friend lost her six year old daughter Brea in a car wreck two weeks ago when she lost control of her vehicle.


I just don’t understand how a parent can get through the loss of a child.  I’ve been told by a parent who’s lost a child before that it takes a lot of prayer and looking to God.  So, I’m asking for you to pray for my friend, Cherylann, and the Smith family.

This is so hard on her as she feels at fault for her daughter’s death. She’s definitely not at fault. It was just a terrible accident.  Brea has two older siblings and two younger siblings and they are having a hard time dealing with Brea’s death and absence in their lives.



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    August 21 at 10:17 am

    Thank your for posting this and asking for prayer for your friend. I could not fathom that pain and hope I never have to experience it. So, I have a soft spot in my heart for these mothers and families. I will definitely pray.

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    Heather ~ Acting Balanced Mom
    August 23 at 11:10 am

    I can’t fathom the pain that your friend must be going through, I am sending thoughts of strength to her and to you as you help her through her time of need… I am also letting you know that I’m now subscribed to your blog by email – thanks for stopping by Acting Balanced earlier

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    Amy V
    August 31 at 5:50 pm

    The pain of losing a child is horrible. The pain never goes away. It does get slightly better with time and prayer. However, it is always there. Having lost a child, I can’t imagine anything worse. However, life does go on.

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