The Vitamin D Cure: Drop the Pounds and Feel Great, Stay Younger Longer, Reduce Pain and Prevent Disease

While I’m not looking to lose weight right now, I am concerned with the health of my growing baby.   I recently read The Vitamin D Cure and have found some benefits for the growth of my baby, as well as my overall health and losing weight after the baby comes.

How Vitamin D Helps Pregnancy and Children of Different Ages:

  • Sufficient vitamin D during pregnancy and my child’s early childhood helps prevent infections, osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases and cancer in my child.
  • The book complains that breast feeding isn’t sufficient in itself for obtaining the baby’s necessary vitamin D. As an expecting mother, I need to get sufficient vitamin D myself for the baby’s benefit.
  • Benefits and aids in exercise of adults and children and during pregnancy.

How Vitamin D Helps With Over All Health

  • Boosts your exercise benefits and vice versa.  Included in the book are exercises for better health and pain relief.
  • Improves blood pressure, mood and memory.
  • Decreases obesity and breast cancer risk.

Also Included in the Vitamin D Cure

  • Facts about Vitamin D Cure that I didn’t already know, such as how other vitamins work with and increase or reduce Vitamin D’s effect and how alkaline foods (fruits and vegetables) must be balanced with acidic foods (pasta meat, nuts, cheese, etc.) to refrain from losing calcium, potassium and magnesium.
  • Meal plans and recipes.
  • How to determine and supplement your Vitamin D needs.

One Gripe

  • I don’t like the encouragement to use tanning beds.


Most realistic diet books will tell you to eat healthier and exercise to lose weight.  This book is a realistic book that goes beyond that and into the importance of Vitamin D.  My weight gain over the years indicates a possible lack of Vitamin D.  Looking back, I see a gradual increase in my weight when I stopped drinking Vitamin D milk with breakfast.

Getting more Vitamin D in my diet recently may be the very cause I’ve become pregnant after being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 6 years ago.

I’m curious to see how my health improves as I use the advice found in this book to increase my levels of Vitamin D to the recommended amount.


The Vitamin D Cure

The Vitamin D Cure

by James E. Dowd, M.D. and Diane Stafford

Drawing on the latest research — the easiest method to lose weight, stop pain, and prevent disease.

Vitamin D is a truly miraculous natural substance — clinically proven to heal pain, prevent disease, and improve your mood. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to a wide variety of health problems. Increasing the amount of vitamin D in your body can help heal a remarkable number of diseases and ailments, including arthritis, high blood pressure, back and muscle pain, obesity, cancer, and diabetes. A dose of daily sunshine doesn’t give you enough to get better. How can you increase your vitamin D levels safely and efficiently?

Leading researcher and rheumatologist Dr. James Dowd shows you how to incorporate more vitamin D into your daily life. The Vitamin D Cure, Revised Edition offers a simple and practical five-step program that can prevent or alleviate many health troubles in just a few weeks. Incorporating the latest diet, supplement, and lifestyle advice and including all-new recipes and meal plans, Dr. Dowd’s revolutionary program helps you harness the power of the sunshine vitamin to transform your life.  Whether you struggle with arthritis or chronic pain from an old injury or simply want to lose weight and get back to your best self, The Vitamin D Cure, Revised Edition can be your key to a healthier, happier, more vibrant you.


Disclosure:  I received a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.  My review is based on what I learned in the book.  Please note that I am not a doctor or health expert.  Affiliate link included.

2 thoughts on “The Vitamin D Cure: Drop the Pounds and Feel Great, Stay Younger Longer, Reduce Pain and Prevent Disease

  1. I get my Vit D from sitting in the sun every day – but whether I get enough is another question. I have just started to take Mage B as that helps the brain and can help with things like dementia down the track.

    But I would never recommend tanning beds – EVER – I live in Australia and they are banned in some areas as they are known to lead to skin cancer. They are very dangerous. Did the book recommend tanning beds?

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