God Gave Us Love: My Toddler’s Favorite Board Book

Does your toddler have a love for books just yet?   What is your toddler’s favorite board book?

My toddler, who is 15 months old, is just now getting his hands on books.   I’ve always had books out on bookshelves, but when he became mobile and discovered these treasures, I had to pack mine up.   He tore a page or two from a few books – ouch!  He has a small collection of books and his favorite board book is God Gave Us Love, a board back that I reviewed sometime back.  {Read this mom’s review of God Gave Us Love.}

Now, I present to you Abel’s review of God Gave Us Love, his favorite board book:




Although my son isn’t writing blog posts, or even saying complete sentences, I believe we can offer you his true opinion of this book.  As you can see in the first picture (above), the book is worn.  I gave it to him new (other than the initial reading for my review of the book).  He loves to turn the pages and ‘read’ it on his own.   I’m assuming he stepped on it at some point; I don’t know how else he could’ve bent the hard cover.



He allowed me to read the entire story.  I had to stop a page turn or two for him to speak his mind.  When we got to the page of the bear family hugging (above), he kissed the page. repeatedly.   He loves the book.  He loves the bear family in the book.  He recognizes the love the bears are expressing, simply because he has seen it demonstrated in his own home.

Maybe that’s why he likes the book so much!   It is written around the love he has seen inside his own home between him and his mom (me), him and his dad, him and his sister, him and his brother.   Sweet love that is a reflection of God’s love for us.

I’ve included affiliate links in this post, but at no additional cost to you.  So, grab a copy of God Gave Us Love for your little one!  It’s a good place to start showing your children your love for books and others.

Tell me, what is your toddler’s favorite board book?

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    1. My husband’s favorite children’s book is “Love You Forever”. I always enjoyed reading “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” to my oldest son, but haven’t picked one up for my youngest. I need to do that!

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