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I Don’t Do Stripes and Camo {Toddler’s First Hair Cut}

March 10

Why do my babies have to grow up? My oldest two are driving and my youngest just had his first hair cut. Yes, he should’ve had a hair cut a year ago, but I just didn’t want to let go of the curls. I have heard of curls not coming back once you cut them.

Well, here my little guy is at 2 1/2 a few days before he had his first hair cut. His hair was so long that he kept having to sweep them over with his hand. His hair was so cute and curly that we were getting more and more “she’s so cute” comments.  It was time to risk losing the curls.


Little Guy's Curls - before the hair cut - This Mom's Delight


We went to a salon and asked that they keep some length to hopefully preserve the curls somewhat.  He wouldn’t sit in the chair alone, so I had to hold him and she had to try to cut his hair while he kept moving.  He was so interested in everything in his view.  She tried to distract him with a comb, but he kept wanting to comb the hair that she was trying to trim.  It was amusing but all in all he did pretty good.

Here he is after his first hair cut and he still has curls.  They actually look even better in my opinion.  By the way, stripes and camo do not go together.  When my hubby dresses him, I usually find him like this.  What’s a momma to do?  LOL
Little Guy's first hair cut  - This Mom's Delight


Have you ever lost curls after a hair cut?  Were you happy or sad about it?

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