VeggieTales Noah’s Ark DVD Review & $10 Giveaway

I haven’t had much reason to watch Veggie Tales as my older kiddos are teenagers. I do have a two year old but have never taken the time to watch Veggie Tales. The name of the DVDs never really sounded interesting to me, although I had heard that they were great DVDs.

Now was my chance to give the veggie bible characters a chance to win me over. I received a screener copy from Family Christian in exchange from my honest review. (They are also providing a giveaway for $10 toward a purchase, so stick around.) I was very pleased with the contents of the DVD.

VeggieTales Noah's Ark DVD Review & $10 Family Christian Giveaway via @familychristian @thismomsdelight

While I was watching this with my 2 year old, I was touched by the message. One of Noah’s son had just came back from his honeymoon to find his dad building the ark. He was ready to begin his life with his new wife and God had interrupted his plans. Learning to trust God is the central message in this story. While it’s not meant for an adult audience, I definitely got a great message out of it. My little guy kept hearing the phrase “trust[ing] in God” which penetrated his mind and memory whether he realizes it or not. I want my little one to trust God. Hearing this message as he sits and watches the story transpire or jumps around to the music, God will work in my little one’s heart, preparing him for the life he will need to trust God with.

I’m also tickled to add this to his small but growing collection of educational and biblical cartoons. I don’t particularly like a lot of whats on television, so I’m working on getting a collection built up that he not only loves but learns something good and worthwhile.

Watch a video clip and find out more about this DVD at Family Christian. Keep up with Family Christian on Facebook.

Now for the giveaway!

3 thoughts on “VeggieTales Noah’s Ark DVD Review & $10 Giveaway

  • February 22 at 6:36 pm

    I think my favorite is Madame Blueberry. They are all great!

  • February 24 at 8:26 am

    I can’t remember the name right now but my favorite was the one about the chocolate Easter bunnies. That one song would always get stuck in our heads! “The bunny, the bunny, ooo I love the bunny!” :p

  • February 24 at 1:01 pm

    we love beauty and the beet


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