Worthwhile Reads: 6 Top Books on Marriage

August 11

Are you married?  Are you planning on getting married?  I’ve been married 18 years and still need some guidance.  Marriage is hard work, but worth it.  Take a look at some of the books I have read and recommend to my married (or soon-to-be married) readers.

#6.  A Marriage Carol

A Marriage Carol - RingJust a little over 100 pages, I was able to read and enjoy A Marriage Carol in just a few days.   A revision of A Christmas Carol is just what a struggling or indifferent marriage needs!  As I read the book, I couldn’t help but look at the past, present and future of my own marriage.

The authors’ intent is not to point the finger, neither at the husband or wife.  I was simply moved by the story and could relate my marriage to their’s in some ways.  The intent is to get you, the wife or the husband, to look at your marriage and see what you individually can do to improve your marriage as a whole, with having hope as your first step.

#5.  The Ring Makes All the Difference: The Hidden Consequences of Cohabitation and the Strong Benefits of Marriage

The book really does a great job of enlightening the reader about Marriage vs. Cohabitation.  Not only do God ‘s standards are given to us for our own good; feminism proves to defeat it’s original intentions!   My favorite quote in this book is:

Cohabitation is really an insult to your beloved: ‘I’m not totally sure about you. Can I give you a test-drive first, so I can be sure?’

How more accurately could one state the truth than in the above quote?  And a more accurate book couldn’t have been written. God has reasons for his moral standards. Cohabitation does not bring all one would expect it to offer. After reading this book I’m even more so convinced and saddened by the detrimental results not just for the couple playing house, but for the children witnessing and living it.


#4.  The Good Wife’s Guide

This book is written for women — all women.  Even working wives will want to read this.  The author understands the need for some women to work outside the home.  She encourages you to make sure your decisions, including the one to work outside the home, are grounded in faith.

Discipline and Self-Sacrifice is a section of the book that really grabbed my attention.  I’ve been battling with discontentment over unmet goals and neglected priorities.   As I listen to the author describe me, I realize the problem is me.  No, she’s not pointing the finger directly at me or passing judgment in the pages of the book.  God is using this woman’s wisdom to convict me regarding issues I’ve been battling for several years.  It’s exactly what I need to hear!

The Good’s Wife Guide is in eBook form.

#3.  31 Days to a Happy Husband: What a Man Needs Most from His Wife

I want a happy husband.  He makes me so happy!  He is the best husband, except when he makes me mad, of course!  I want to return the favor and be a wife that makes him happy.  I don’t want to be the contentious I’ve been at times.

Talking to him while reading this book, I’ve learned that my crazy moods are what make him the unhappiest.   While, there are other issues to be dealt with, I plan to use the ideas and suggestions in this book to bring about some happy lifelong changes.


#2.  What Your Husband Isn’t Telling You: A Guided Tour of a Man’s Body, Soul and Spirit

What Your Husband Isn't Telling You

The author, a man, allows Provider and Protector to narrate the parts they play in a man’s life.  Understanding how each of these influence a man is beneficial to a wife wanting to understand and appreciate her husband for how he’s made.   Also, a wife can come to understand why her husband has the faults and weaknesses he has, and can become the support her husband needs as she prays and encourages him, despite these things that driver her crazy or hurt her in some way.

I laughed (and hung my head in embarrassment) as I read how the author and wife shared the exact scene that my husband and I have shared repeatedly.  Maybe you’ve experienced this same thing with your husband.   Hubby asks you want you want, but you don’t really giving an answer, expecting him to read your mind.  When he doesn’t you pout the rest of the evening.   I admit that this is something I do to my poor husband.  Why I laughed is because the author and his wife had the very same (and almost word-for-word) conversation that has played over and over in our vehicle.    Honey, what would you like to eat for dinner tonight? ending in hubby guessing the wrong thing because I wouldn’t speak up, yet he pays for it with my pouting.



#1.  For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men

I initially picked up the book For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men because of a minor issue I was having with my husband.  What I discovered was quite a bit more!

My husband has said things to me before that I didn’t quite believe or didn’t make much sense.   To hear that other men have made this same comment or at least have thought it has helped me to see certain things from my husband’s perspective — like a light bulb came on!   I can now understand why he says and does certain things and it actually makes sense.  I now appreciate my husband for who he is, while forgiving him for his mistakes and weaknesses.



Leave a comment:  What book have you read lately that might benefit another wife?  What book has helped you the most? 

You can read about some of the other Marriage Books I’ve read and reviewed.   Affiliate links included at no cost to you.


  • Reply
    Bruno Buergi
    August 11 at 4:38 pm

    Interesting list of books. You are right that you need from time to time guidance in a marriage. I think every marriage goes through some hard times and then it’s useful when you have the right book or the right coach to help solve the problem.

    • Reply
      August 17 at 12:49 pm

      I hate it that there are so many negative influences for married couples. I’m thankful I have these helpful mentors that are christian authors and friends to help me out.

  • Reply
    Susan Schiller
    August 12 at 12:39 am

    I have shelves and shelves of marriage self-help books, and I learned tons from them. But I was married to someone who had a severe mental disorder, and I found nothing in those books helped until I read “Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them” by Susan Forward. It helped me to understand that some marriages can only be healed if both parties are working at the marriage. I agree with you, that it definitely takes a lot of work and is well worthwhile to work on ourselves, to find out what makes our spouse happy, and to eliminate the things that lead to break down. I’m in a very happy marriage now and the wonderful knowledge from those great marriage self-help books comes in handy! Thanks for the helpful list – I see some new ones in here 🙂

    • Reply
      August 17 at 12:45 pm

      I’ve never heard of that book. I’ll have to look for it.

  • Reply
    Rachel Lavern
    August 13 at 3:07 am

    I can’t say that I have read any exciting books on marriage lately. The last one that I read was “You Can Be the Wife of a Happy Husband”.

    Rachel recently posted The 16 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful People

    • Reply
      August 17 at 12:40 pm

      I read that book probably ten years ago. It’s short but has a good message, if I remember right. What did you think of the book?

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