Your Beautiful Purpose: Discovering and Enjoying What God Can Do Through You

May 5

I’ve been struggling with defeating thoughts, questioning my purpose and my ability to live a life worthy of God.

Past mistakes, current struggles, and the fright of having to make decisions for the future all debilitate me.  I make no progress with anything, even those things I think I know how to improve for the better.  Instead of learning from my mistakes, I feel inadequate to move forward.

Reading Your Beautiful Purpose pulled me out of my immobile slump, as I was reminded of:

• Our worth in God;
• Our ability to access His great power to accomplish what seems so difficult;
• Our potential to make great changes for His (and our) good;
• Our enemy, who is the devil and not the people in our lives that rub us the wrong way or seem to be out to destroy us; and
• Our need to read the Bible every single day, so that I don’t forget these and many other life changing principles.

At the end of each chapter is an opportunity to do some Bible study and soul searching.

I look forward to continuing with the Bible studying on my own and making changes that will move me along in my God-given purpose here on earth.

Scripture translations include NIV, ESV, GW, HCSB, NKJV, NLT and the Message.

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.

Your Beautiful Purpose

About the Book

Let God Breathe a Fresh Purpose Into Your Soul

We so want each day to matter–to serve God in big and small ways. But how, especially when everyday responsibilities, work, fears, and other obstacles get in the way?

Like a trusted friend, Susie Larson shares practical, scriptural ways to overcome whatever keeps us from living fully in God’s will. Susie will help you learn to:
Discern the best use of your time and gifts
Confidently pursue God’s unique desires for you
Stretch your faith and deepen your impact
Respond today to that nudge in your spirit–that desire to use your gifts and passions more fully in God’s work. Lay down lesser commitments and lay hold of God’s beautiful purpose for your life.

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