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February 9

Welcome to your one-stop resource for all book and book-related giveaways! 

Who loves books as much as I do? Don’t be afraid to raise your hand. Below you will find a new link-up just for you.

Want to win books? You are in the right place.

Want to share your book giveaway with a bigger audience? You are in the right place.

Check out the #Book #Giveaway Linkup at @ThisMomsDelight >>

Win Books!

Enter to win free books and book-related giveaways. The linkup is ongoing and giveaways are removed as they expire.  Be sure to check it regularly, daily even, to find the newly added giveaways.

Entry Guidelines:

  • Before entering a giveaway, please share this linkup. The more participants we have, the more books you will have a chance of winning.
  • Visit weekly to enter the new giveaways.

Share Your Giveaway!

Your book and book-related giveaway(s) will be shared with a new bigger audience via my social media. Connect with me via Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter.

In exchange, I ask that you follow a few guidelines.

Linkup Guidelines:

  • Only link to book or book-related giveaways that are family-friendly.
  • Include the title of the book, the end date and the location the giveaway is open to. (Add your twitter username in the title of your entry, and I will tag you when I share your giveaway.) For example: Here Burns My Candle [02/28] US.
  • Share the linkup via your social media … like it, tweet it, pin it, stumble it. Any are greatly appreciated.
  • Choose one: Enter 1-2 giveaways OR share 1-2 other giveaways via your social media.
  • Optional: Add the linkup to your blog, if you have a list of linkups.

A monthly reminder will go out to all subscribers.


Check out the #Book #Giveaway Linkup at @ThisMomsDelight >>

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