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Living a Life I Love {January 2015 Goals}

January 6

Did you see my long list of goals for 2015?  Knowing I can’t accomplish them all this year, I’ve decided to just focus on 2-3 goals (or new life-loving habits) each month.

I’ve chosen “stronger legs” and “better communication skills” during January.

Why stronger legs and better communication skills?  Here’s why:

January 2015 Goal - Stronger Legs - What's your goal - thismomsdelight.com

1.  Stronger Legs

I want stronger legs.  That’s right.  When I squat or bend at the knees, it hurts this big ol’ momma. Yes, I’m overweight and you may ask why weight loss isn’t my goal. Because… that’s been my goal for too many years with very little results.  Instead, I’m choosing to work on more appealing goals and smaller objectives where my health is concerned.

How will I obtain these stronger legs?  Or know that I have stronger legs by the end of January?

I will be doing squats and increasing the number every few days.  Anything more than 1 squat at the end of January will be an accomplishment for me!  I am also going to do lunges.  Neither one of these sound fun,but anything worthwhile is hard work, right?!?

If you are into physical pain, join the gals at Shrinking Jeans for their squat and pushup challenge. I had committed to doing the squats and lunges before they announced their challenge.  That means I’m sticking to my original plan.  (No changing my mind for 30 days, thanks to the advice of Jon Acuff in “Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job & Your Dream Job.)  I do like SJ’s free printable calendar for the squats, so I’ll use it as a guide for my own squat challenge.

January 2015 Goal - Better Communication Skills (with the hubby) - What's your goal?

2. Better Communication Skills

This is for all relationships I have, but I am beginning with my husband.  I let emotions and stupid thinking get in the way of how we communicate.  We’ve been married 19 years, so you’d think I would have a handle on my moods and all, but no, I don’t.  I can be sweet as pie to anyone but my poor husband.  I’m very thankful that he is as forgiving as he is.  Yet, I need to quit taking advantage and do my part as his wife.

How will I obtain better communication skills? Or know that I am communicating better?

I have started reading “‘Created to be His Help Meet” as my starting point.  It’s in my pile of books to read this month.  Have you told me yours? It has some great information in it about communication and the wife’s role.  I will know how I’m doing simply by my reactions to him and life in general.  I will also know because my husband will notice and say something.

Many years ago I almost divorced my husband.  I took a friend’s advice (and God’s prompting) to stick with it and do my part as a wife instead of trying to change my husband.  We both had a lot of growing up to do. You wouldn’t believe the changes God made in my husband when I started being a wife instead of judge or accuser.  God is great and I encourage anyone in a tough marriage to stick with it and do your part.  Even after 19 years of marriage, I still need work because I am human and I am an emotional woman.  So, here goes.

What are you goals for 2015?  What are you doing this month to reach those goals?  If you set big goals for the year, set mini-goals for each month.  You’ll be glad you did.  I know I’m looking forward to some life-loving results in 2015.


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