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Wifey Wednesday – Hubby's Eyes Only

April 21

[Wifey+Wednesday.bmp] I have a hard time understanding why women show off their cleavage.  I believe that this area, as well as other ‘should-be’ private areas, are meant for the viewing and pleasure of a woman’s husband and only him.

Sheila wrote a post this morning about the woman’s body and the man’s eyes that almost exactly states what has been tugging at my mind lately.

Wonderful post! Please read it.


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    May 7 at 8:13 pm

    I agree with you. To me it doesn’t seem very modest to be showing your “business” to everybody! I was asked to give a talk on purity and modesty to the young gals at church, and I addressed the topic of clothing.

    One of the moms came up afterwards and said that she couldn’t find anything that wasn’t lowcut because of her large chest. Now, I have seen many women (including my mom) who were able to dress modestly and look lovely without showing everything.

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      May 8 at 4:39 am

      Most of the tops are low cut, but the simple solution is to wear a tank top underneath. That’s what I have to do with most of my tops and as long as the color coordinates, it looks cute.

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