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Any recommendations given here are from personal experiences.  You should consult your private attorney regarding legal matters and consult your medical doctor before trying anything health related.

Most importantly, you should consult the Word of God when reading anything, including reviews, books and magazines.  God’s Word should be final, and we all should compare what we’re reading to His Word and if it doesn’t line up with His truth, then throw it out!

Affiliate links may be included in various blog posts or in the sidebar of this blog in an attempt to cover the expenses of this blog. Compensation may be received in the form of free products or something of monetary value when asked to write an honest opinion of a product, website, or service.  Any promotion of sponsors and affiliates is based upon an honest opinion and with the goal of providing readers with like-minded and family-friendly resources.

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All giveaways are limited to U.S. entries, unless otherwise stated.  They are also intended for adults. If it is a giveaway for a children’s product, please have an adult enter the giveaway on your behalf. In the even of non-receipt of a prize, follow-up contact will be made with the sponsor at the request of the winner. However, ThisMomsDelight.com, nor Tami Qualls, takes any responsibility for providing the winner with the prize that was not received.

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