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Aaron Broyles Challenges You to “Do Great Things”

June 17

I’ve read several books this past year, many that I’d like to go back and apply at a slower more thoughtful pace.  I have intentions of doing just that, but I will have to choose one book at a time.   “Do Great Things: Applying Proven Entrepreneurial Methods to Achieve Success in Everyday Life” has made it’s way to the top of the list.




I wish I’d had the time to work through the questions and written exercises as I read the book.  However, just reading the book has made me aware of some roadblocks I have created for myself, as well as opening my eyes to what can be done differently to achieve success in areas of my life, including parenting, spiritual growth and even blogging.  Living with passion will make a positive impact in these areas (and others) .

The author encourages each of us to find our passion by living for God.  Imagine that!  Trying to please God is one of the road blocks to success.  That’s my weakness — worrying about what others think of me.  

You’ll learn the methods and secrets of achieving success, as you work your way through the book:

  • The Difference Between Healthy and Paralyzing Fear, as well as the strategies for addressing, controlling and using fear to your advantage.
  • Creating a Plan & Determining Priorities for Your Life, including the 7-Step Formula for Setting Goals and 5 Steps to Managing Risk (in order to take action in your life).
  • The Importance of Work Ethic which has a “multiplying effect on your potential” when you take the 3 Steps to Gaining a Strong Work Ethic.
  • How You are a Leader even if you think you’re not leader material.
  • The Importance of Wisdom, Salvation and God’s Will in your life.

I really like the message that the author shared in this book.  Basically, you must put God first and quit worrying about what others think.  Then, you can work your way through the book to find true success in this world, instead of aimlessly wandering out tackling giant to do lists.

I received this book from Bring It On Communications in exchange for my honest review.

Do Great Things Methods to Achieve Success in Everyday Life

About the Book

If you could do whatever your heart was designed to do with complete fulfillment, excitement, passion and adventure without the possibility of failing, would you do it?

Often we are intrigued by high-profile people and entrepreneurs who have done great things. Why are we so fascinated? Perhaps it’s a desire to experience greatness firsthand. It’s easy to recognize the accomplishments of others, but have you ever considered your own capacity to Do Great Things?

Successful entrepreneurs excel in creating vision and inspiring others. They are driven, efficient and passionate. They are able to overcome and to use their fears to their advantage. They have the ability to turn defeat into opportunity–and so do you!

In Do Great Things, author, speaker, and entrepreneur Aaron Broyles points you to a foundation of self-discovery based on God’s principles and truth. He examines how environment and backgrounds differ, thus affecting our attitudes and desires as well as what our beliefs and rules for success are based upon. By sharing proven entrepreneurial methods, Broyles will help you see your potential and your ability to achieve success in your everyday life.

Desire to know your purpose. Stop putting limits on your life. Your definition of “great things” is about to take on new meaning!


What do you think of Aaron Broyles and Do Great Things: Applying Proven Entrepreneurial Methods to Achieve Success in Everyday Life?


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