The Rewards of Simplicity – How Have You Simplified Lately?

April 23

I’ve decluttered my house once before, but it’s due for another round.  It always seems to take so long, or like laundry, it’s never a done deal.  When I think of the word simplify, decluttering comes to mind.  Yet, to simplify is so much more than this.  In the book, The Rewards of Simplicity, I discovered just how one can simplify their life.  Simplification can include physical, spiritual, and emotional clutter (also known as distractions).  Although, I don’t agree with everything written in this book, I do find a big chunk of it very helpful to my need to simplify.

Topics included in the book that I personally found beneficial include:

  • Taking the Sabbath off from normal work or duties.
  • Handling and reducing physical clutter.
  • Fasting from t.v., internet, or those so-called time-saving devices we have that seem to consume a big part of one’s time.
  • Evaluating one’s priorities, time and energy. (A checklist of thought-provoking questions is included.)
  • Breaking down anxiety.
  • Most importantly, getting one’s focus on God.

Here’s more information on the book.

The Rewards of Simplicy by Pam & Chuck Pierce

Live simply. Reap the rewards.

In today’s fast-paced, high activity and technology-driven times, Christians need to be empowered in living a spiritually and materially clutter-free life. Weaving biblical teaching with personal experience and practical tips, Chuck and Pam Pierce show how you can simplify your life, your house and your soul.

Read an excerpt from the book, read reviews, or buy a copy.

Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this book from BethanyHouse.com in exchange for my honest review.

Happy Friday!


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