The Power of a Half Hour: Take Back Your Life

February 13

How did you spend the past half hour?


Whether you are looking to  strengthen your marriage,  build a healthy family or improve another area of your life, you can really make a difference with the next half hour of your life.  No, a mere 30 minutes won’t make you skinny or clear your backlog of undone tasks, but it will move you forward in what’s important.

The half hour method is perfect for those of us who feel like we don’t have any time to commit to anything, because there isn’t a big chunk of time available.  We only have a minute or two, so we jump on Facebook, which turns into a half hour or more.  See, we did have an half hour to invest into something bigger.   {I’m talking to myself here, but can you relate?}

 Some of the material in the book are things you and I already know we should be doing, such as investing in one-on-one time with God and with those in our home.   Yet, it is difficult to get out of the comfort zone (or bad habit of idleness) you and I find ourselves in.  Each of these undone, yet important, “should-do’s of life” become doable and an established part of our lives with the aid of the  short reading portions and half hour ‘personal action plans’ provided.

What is the half hour method?  It’s what I learned to apply in the book The Power of a Half Hour: Take Back Your Life in Thirty Minutes at a Time.  The seven parts to this ‘half hour’ book include:

  • The Power of a Half Hour to Impact Your Life
  • The Power of a Half Hour to Chart Your Life
  • The Powyer of a Half Hour to Strengthen Your Faith
  • The Power of a Half Hour to Build Your Character
  • The Power of a Half Hour to Advance Your Dreams
  • The Power of a Half Hour to Improve Your Relationships
  • The Power of a Half Hour to Change the World

If you are a Christian – a husband, wife, parent, even a young adult starting out – ,you will find this book beneficial to your soul, your family and your everyday ‘existence’.     Time is something we all struggle with.  Let the power of a half hour work in our favor.

I received this book from BloggingforBooks in exchange for my honest review.

What will you make happen thanks to the power of a half hour in your life today?  {Leave a comment.}



power of a half hour


About the Book The Power of a Half Hour

Turn your fleeting minutes into defining moments. 

What can you do in 30 minutes? Have lunch? Watch television? Check Facebook?

How about change your life?

Why do some people achieve far more than others? We all get the same 24 hours in a day, yet a special few seem to have superhuman abilities when it comes to accomplishing great things in life.

Tommy Barnett, a proven master at “getting things done,” says the key to maximizing your productivity is to make use of small, manageable moments in your day—just 30 minutes at a time.  In this remarkably practical book, Tommy shows how to begin a whole new life of fruitfulness. You’ll see immediate results in all areas of your life, including your—

·         Purpose and values
·         Personal goals
·         Faith
·         Character and attitude
·         Dreams
·         Career
·         Relationships
·         Marriage and family
·         Church involvement and ministry

Why not change time from being your worst enemy to your everlasting friend? It all starts with the amazing things you can do in only a half hour.  Through inspiring stories and biblical principles, discover how your downtime can have a major upside.

Get going—you don’t have a minute to lose!

Praise for The Power of a Half Hour

“Before reading this book, I never thought of seeing 30 minutes as a power-packed opportunity to improve my life. Pastor Barnett’s half hour power principles have helped me strengthen my faith, become more productive, and connect with those I love with more intentionality. This book is as inspirational as it is practical, and I plan to use it as an integral part of my staff development program.”
— Lysa TerKeurst, New York Times bestselling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries

“Tommy Barnett inspires people to be bold witnesses and fulfill Christ’s commission. He accomplishes much for the kingdom. After reading this dynamic book, you’ll understand why. His concept of ‘thirty minutes’ can help you make the most of each day—in many areas—and enable you to have a positive influence on others.”
— James Robison, founder and president, LIFE Outreach International

Sneak a peek inside The Power of a Half Hour.

About the Author: Tommy Barnett

Tommy Barnett

Tommy Barnett is the senior pastor of Phoenix First Assembly of God, one of the fastest growing churches in America and home base for more than 260 outreach ministries. He also serves as chancellor of Southeastern University and founded the original Dream Center in Los Angeles. He’s the author of MultiplicationHidden PowerReaching Your Dreams, and other books.  Tommy lives in Phoenix with his wife, Marja. They are parents of three children who have all grown up to be successful church leaders.



What will you make happen thanks to the power of a half hour in your life today?  {Leave a comment.}


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    Our Family World
    February 13 at 10:15 pm

    I really need to find a half hour daily for God somewhere!
    ~ Kimberly

  • Reply
    Michelle F.
    February 14 at 12:41 am

    I love that idea! I actually get up for every hour I sit for at least 30 minutes.

  • Reply
    February 15 at 4:44 am

    What an awesome idea! I am going to try this. I was just thinking that I need to make more time for fitness.

  • Reply
    February 16 at 12:10 am

    Thank you for sharing! I am totally digging the idea! GREAT POST!

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