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December 13
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I have been enjoying books by new authors and smaller publishers. I want to recognize those who are just starting out in this wonderful field of creativity and literature. Reading “Jesus Loves You”, the complimentary book I received below, I initially expected a book for children.

The title and the cover illustrations gave me that impression. However, I realized that it is a Christian picture series, which could be for any audience. As I read this book, the conversation was geared toward someone who has already experienced many life events, including college and aging parents.

It is a great way to reach out to an individual who needs to be reminded of Jesus’ love and presence in his or her life.  I think it would be great for my young adult children who are ready to ‘begin their lives’.  Knowing ahead of time that Jesus is with them in the midst of trials, they may handle those experiences better.


Review Jesus Loves You

About the Book

God’s only son, Jesus, wants you to know that He loves you. He loves you more than you can ever imagine. He watches over you to make sure you are okay and knew you even before He created you. That’s how special you are to Him. Won’t you spend some time with Jesus today?

About the Author

Christine Topjian is a Christian writer and author of The Jesus Series. The first two books in the series, Jesus Loves You and Love and Kindness, are out now and available for sale on Amazon, published by Lighthouse Christian Publishing. Christine is currently working on the third book in the series. She lives in Toronto, Canada. To learn more, go to TheJesusSeries.com.

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