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Keep in Shape While Caring for a Toddler

October 20

It’s hard enough finding the time and motivation to exercise.  You feel like giving up the idea altogether when you have a toddler underfoot.  So, you wonder…

Keep in Shape While Caring for a Toddler

I’ve recently taken steps to start caring for my hearth health.  I haven’t quite perfected my routine, but I’m getting there.  My little one is 22 months old.  He is a major distraction, but a welcome one.  Yet, I must make my health a priority if I’m going to keep up with him.  I am almost 40, did you know?!?

freedigitalphotos - by David Castillo Dominici

by David Castillo Dominici

Hire a Babysitter

My first suggestion is to hire a babysitter.  Who has money for that?  If I had money to hire a babysitter daily while I worked out, I’d pay someone to do the workout for me.  🙂  If you’re already paying daycare while you work outside the home, you might be able to squeeze in a workout before you pick your little one up.  If not, then try the next suggestion.


freedigitalphotos - by David Castillo Dominici

by David Castillo Dominici

Assign Toddler Duty to a Family Member

Ask your hubby to watch the little one for awhile.  If he’s working or has another reason he can’t do it, then call on the next oldest person in the house.  My oldest son doesn’t watch my toddler very well.  However, my 16 year old daughter is great with her little brother.  She is a second mommy to him.  She watches our toddler a lot while we run errands or go to dinner as  a couple.  So, I have no reason not to make working out a priority, do I?  

Consider paying your older child to watch your toddler, as an incentive, so that she or he doesn’t get burned out doing it on a regular basis.


 toddler painting - freedigitalphotos - by papaija2008.jpg

by papaija2008

Bring out the Toddler Activities

So now one wanted to watch your precious toddler?  That’s crazy, but it happens.  Bring out the toddler activities for the little one.  You may even need to put him or her in his high chair to keep him or her out from under your feet.  Be sure to give your toddler activities that they won’t choke on.   My toddler likes to bite his crayons and I may not catch him doing it while I’m on my stomach.  My son has a new interest in puzzles, so his Safari Peg puzzle will keep him busy for at least half of my workout.

If all else fails, then just have fun with your toddler!


How to Keep in Shape While Caring for a Toddler
Exercise with Your Toddler

You can find exercises to do with your little on online or you can let your toddler “workout” alongside you.  Pause when he or she needs you. Don’t use that as an excuse to stop altogether.  Get back to it as quickly as you can. Let them exercise with you. Make it a game.  Laugh off the fact that he pulls your workout pants down while you’re in the middle of exercising.  These workout pants aren’t as tight as my others, so the little one was able to strip me.  It was funny actually.  Sorry, no picture of that!


Life isn’t perfect, nor can you plan for a perfect day when you have a toddler.  Let the so-called-interruptions your toddler makes be times of gratitude, joy and laughter.  Your little one won’t be little very long.  I was just looking at a picture of my son just a year ago.  The time passes quickly.

Now, get busy working out, girl!

How do you keep in shape while caring for a toddler?

Do you have any of the Melissa and Doug puzzles?  Which is your (kiddo’s) favorite?  My son loves his!


Source for images (last image by sattva)


  • Reply
    Deb Wolf
    October 20 at 11:54 am

    Good for you Tami! Toddler days are so busy it’s hard to take time for a work out. Although, toddlers are a workout in the themselves! 🙂 Great tips for getting help and keeping them busy.

  • Reply
    Michelle - The Happiness Blogger
    October 22 at 9:38 am

    Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party! Your post has been pinned to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board 🙂

    • Reply
      November 1 at 10:09 pm

      @Michelle ~ Thank you!

  • Reply
    Amy @ Life to the Full
    October 23 at 12:15 pm

    Keeping in shape with a toddler in the house definitely does require some creativity! Personally, I’m an early morning exerciser or I do a strength training circuit WITH my son. Like you said – I do end up pausing from time to time because he needs something, but then I resume the workout asap 🙂 A little workout is better than none at all!

    Love the Melissa & Doug puzzles!!! We have one and I’m hoping to get a couple more. My son loves it, too!

    • Reply
      November 1 at 9:29 pm

      @Amy ~ Thanks for sharing that you’re committed to your workout despite the pauses that come along with motherhood. I tend to let anything keep me from my workouts. This is not a legitimate one for sure!

  • Reply
    Eva/ Kid Minds
    January 11 at 2:57 pm

    Staying in shape is very important to me, so I work out every day. Mostly with youtube videos and workout DVDs. My kids climb on me, interrupt me… it’s ok… It all adds up in the end. To stay motivated I remind myself that my kids need me healthy and happy, so I can keep up with one thousand things I need to do for them every day!

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