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5 Goals for the Working Mom

February 24


As a working mom, you must have goals to maintain some order and sense  of accomplishment in your life.   Here are five starter goals for you, the working mom.

5  Goals for the working mom

1.  Your Goal as a Working Mom While On the Job is to Leave Work On Time.

Working may be necessary from time to time, but working over on a regular basis on puts you behind at home.   Some home responsibilities aren’t measured by a stack of paper or inbox of unreal emails.   Spending time with  your growing children is a must!   Don’t let undone tasks at work still those precious moments from you.  Having a baby within a year of a job promotion really helped me keep my focus on home, when I felt the pull to stay late night after night.  It lasted for a few weeks and then it hit me “I have three children at home who need their mother!”  We are apart from them plenty without working over.  Find ways to be more productive during your regular working hours, so that you don’t have to miss a minute more of their growing years.

2.  Your Goal as a Working Mom Who Happens to Be Married is to Give Your Hubby Some Much Needed Attention.

It’s so easy for hubby to feel abandoned when you don’t give him some of your time, which is in high-demand.  I’ve found out the hard way that neglecting my husband only adds to my struggles.  Married couples need to spend time together so that their can remain a strong united front in the storms of regular family life.  My husband most enjoys me sitting beside him while he enjoys his evening television programs.   I quit watching t.v. with him this past year because I was too busy and didn’t really like what he was watching.   Big mistake!    I found out that spending the little bit of time with him most nights keeps us connected, even when we can’t connect in other ways.

3.  Your Goal as a Working Mom on the Run is to Eat {Semi-}Healthy.

Working 35+ hours per week really puts a strain on deciding who or what gets the remainder of our ‘undivided’ attention.  Trips through fast food joints seems to be the norm anymore, but it shouldn’t be.  By eating unhealthy, you and I only add to our troubles.   Eating healthy and drinking water gives us the energy we need to get through the daily grind and trials of being a working mom.    Also, when you cook healthy meals, your kiddos are getting the nutrition they need to get through their school days.

4.  Your Goal as a Working Mom Who Tries too Hard is to Give Yourself a Break.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.   Yes, you’ll make mistakes as a mom.   Yes, you’ll mess up at work.  Yes, you’ll say something ugly to your husband.  Do what you can to correct the situation, even if it’s just a sincere apology and move on.  Forgive yourself.  God forgives you when you are sincerely repentive.  I’ve spent too much time beating myself up over past mistakes and the inability to do everything I think I should be doing.  It does nobody any good.

5.  Your Goal as a Working Mom Who Frowns Too Often is to  Smile Often and Look for Ways to Show Your Gratitude.

The best thing you can do for your family and yourself is to smile, laugh often and play with your family.  It’s easy to get moody and pout when you aren’t focused on what you’re thankful for.   {So what is gratitude and how do you apply it?} A grumpy mom isn’t smiling, nor is she fun to play with.  Now, go outside and play a game of tag with your kiddos!

These are five goals for the working mom, but they are just to get you started.  In each of these areas, there’s room to grow as working (and stay-at-home) mothers.

What goals have you set in each of these areas of your working life? {Leave a comment to interact with other moms.}

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