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The Captivating Lady Charlotte

July 30
by Carolyn Miller
Published by Kregel Publications Genres: christian historical fiction

It’s not common to read a fiction book and find God’s truth in it. Carolyn Miller did an excellent job of reminding her readers of God’s perfect timing, as well as His unconditional love, in this story of a young lady looking for love. As I read my complimentary copy of this book from Kregel Publications, I fell in love…

As I usually do, I did not have one favorite character. I fell in love with several of the characters. The way the author portrayed their love for God and others, despite their own flaws and the aggravating stresses from others, really touched my heart. I even paused a few times to reflect on my own character and visit with God about the desired change in the way I love others.

While I know that these characters are not real persons, the way God’s love was reflected in them is a great reminder of how we are instructed in God’s word to be in this real world.

The main character, Lady Charlotte, reminded me of my own naivety in my younger days. One man in the story reminded me of an older man in my church who showed God’s love and patience in so many ways, even when those around him were not so nice. I was also reminded of the foolishness that many of us find ourselves caught up in looking for love.

I did not want the story to end. I wanted to keep visiting the characters in their daily lives. I will miss Charlotte, William and Lavinia. As far as this being the second book in the series, the story was complete in itself. I have not read Book 1, but am looking forward to grabbing a copy on my annual birthday trip to the bookstore.

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The Captivating Lady Charlotte Book Cover The Captivating Lady Charlotte
Regency Brides: A Legacy of Grace
Miller, Carolyn
Kregel Publications
June 27

About the Book
Her heart is her own--but her hand in marriage is another matter Lady Charlotte Featherington is destined for great things on the marriage market. After all, as the beautiful daughter of a marquess, she should have her pick of the eligible nobility when she debuts. She, however, has love at the top of her list of marriageable attributes. And her romantic heart falls hard for one particularly dashing, attentive suitor. Sadly for Charlotte, her noble father intends her betrothed to be someone far more dull. William Hartwell may be a duke, but he knows he was Charlotte's father's pick, not the young lady's own choice. And the captivating Lady Charlotte does not strike him as a woman who will be wooed by his wealth or title. While she has captured his heart, he has no idea how to win hers in return--and the betrayal and scandal his first wife put him through makes it difficult for him to believe that love can ever be trusted. His only hope is that Charlotte's sense of responsibility will win out over her romantic notions. Can a widowed duke and a romantically inclined lady negotiate a future and discover love beyond duty? Will they be able to find healing and hope from the legacy of grace? Poignant and charming, this is another beautifully written, clean and wholesome Regency romance from Carolyn Miller in the tradition of Georgette Heyer and Julie Klassen. Fans of The Elusive Miss Ellison will meet compelling new characters--and a few old friends.


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    Maranda Laverdure
    July 31 at 7:09 pm

    This looks like a really great read. Might have to take a look at it! Thank you for sharing!

  • Reply
    Stella Nadene
    July 31 at 7:29 pm

    Oh how I remember the naivity and foolish behaviors when you’re young and looking for love….! Lol! Our 17-year old is currently in her first real relationship and I’m torn as to whether I should speak all my lessons or let her learn the hard way. I feel like maybe I wouldn’t have acted so silly if someone had given me some sort of guidance, but there’s a chance I also would’ve thought they didn’t know what they were talking about… Nonetheless sounds like a really good read!

    • Reply
      August 1 at 7:37 am

      I have an 18-year old daughter, so I am right there with you. I’d talk to her but then it’s ultimately her decision. Plus, she might remember what you said and be able to use it in a time that she realizes you are right.

  • Reply
    August 1 at 4:09 am

    Wow, I love reading such books, even the cover page & the preface looks interesting to grab a copy soon!

  • Reply
    August 1 at 9:35 pm

    I have to buy this book. Sounds a great reading!

  • Reply
    This Mum At Home
    August 3 at 5:00 am

    The thought of what I’m in for with my daughter when she grows up (she’s only 1) thinking back to my younger years. I always love a good read. Time to do it these days is so limited!

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