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Wee Alphas: 26 A to Z Postcards, from Angelfish to Zebra

August 26
Published by Penguin Random House Genres: children's books

As a newbie to homeschooling, I’ve been on the hunt for any resources that would aid in his learning during his preschool year. I found a set of alphabet cards that were not only cute but resourceful.

Wee Alphas: 26 A to Z Postcards, from Angelfish to Zebra

The complimentary bound and perforated postcards I received from “Blogging for Books” served an unintended purpose. But first let me tell you the intended purposes:

  • To display the Alphabet characters in accordion style.
  • To detach, complete the prompt and mail as postcards to friends and family.
  • To find the hidden letter within each wee little animal.

The little guy and I actually did hunt for the hidden letter on each card. We then took it a further step. While working on his alphabet recognition during homeschool, I would have him grab the bound postcards and find the letter that matched the day’s letter. We then discussed the animal on the postcard and read a book about that animal. It has been quite a learning adventure. What made it more of an adventure to the eyes and brain were the unusual shapes the animals were illustrated in. We are almost through the alphabet. While I would like to send the postcards out, as intended, I’m almost certain the little guy will want to repeat runs through the alphabet post cards.

The postcards are sturdy enough to mail, or in our case, reference over and over with little, and sometimes rough, hands.

Wee Alphas Book Cover Wee Alphas
Concepts - Alphabet, Children's Book, Art
Penguin Random House

This imaginative take on the alphabet features 26 Wee Alphas postcards, each created with a "hidden letter” to find.

Based on the award-winning Wee Alphas kids’ app, the postcards feature quirky illustrations of Biki the Buffalo, Ulysses the Unicorn, Yolanda the Yeti, and their furry, feathered, or finned friends. The cards are bound into a fold-out accordion format that can be displayed in its entirety, or they can be detached to separately display or share. Writing prompts on the back of each card will inspire any kid (or their grown-up) to pass along a super-special greeting.

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