The Finishing School: How One Book Nerd Begin Living What She Learned

September 10

Are you tired of waiting for change to happen in your life? Do you feel stuck, even though you want to live more intentionally?

the finishing school
In today’s world, our most precious pursuit of a life well lived gets squeezed out by the silliest of things: binging on Netflix or ice cream, shopping trips for things we don’t need, bad habits we can’t seem to get a handle on, and so much more. Valerie has been there despite knowing what she wanted for her life. Actually do it? That’s the challenge.

After gobbling up all the non-fiction and self-help books her donut-filled belly could handle, she decided it was time to put her knowledge to good use and start actually living it out. You will hear about her journey through victories and plenty of failures and find practical tips to apply to your own pursuit of holiness. You will find homework at the end of each chapter that includes a worksheet to put real change in motion for your own life as well as recommended books to further study those topics that really test you.

You just read about a book that I’ve recently read titled The Finishing School by Valerie Woerner. That’s what you’ll find on the back of the book. If that hasn’t convinced you to read, and of course, apply the book, then listen to this…

This Mom’s Review

I wrote this book … or could’ve any way. Okay, maybe I could’ve just written the book summary. You see, I’m a book nerd. I love to read. I love to learn. Yet, I rarely do much with what I’ve learned. I’m a knowledge junkie. I’m a lot like this girl. Yet, I sit here idle and unchanged. God’s been convicting me about this, by the way. Then comes along this book. Now, He’s hitting me with it.

The book covered so many areas that I need to work on. I like that the author suggests that you take plenty of time to work through it, so that you can put it into action. I had to do a quick read for the purpose of writing a timely review. I definitely learned a lot while reading it and am already working my way back through it s-l-o-w-l-y to put it into action and listen a little more closely to what God is telling me through Scripture and this book.

As I read through it the first time, I found myself and areas I’m lacking in all through the book. Over twenty areas are covered including:

prayer and Bible study | goals | distractions | self-control | habits | boundaries | balance | minimalism | friendship | hospitality | waiting | joy | contentment | influence | forgiveness | awareness | peace | comparison | health | rest

What really called out to me and I even wrote it down was her comment on distractions:

“Our distractions don’t just keep us form a productive day. They can also hinder us from something the Lord is calling us to do… How many of us are “too busy”? … If we cut out a few of our silly distractions, we’d no doubt have the time.” – page 41

Do I even need to confess the word Facebook?

Again, I was nudged when I read about boundaries and how I need to stop “being a victim” and “falsely blaming people and circumstances” because I myself am lacking boundaries.

Homework in the form of printable worksheets is provided for each chapter (or area). This book nerd loves homework, so I can’t wait to work through each one. Then she wraps it up with the importance of margin to have the time and room for growth and change. Finally, she closes with the importance of graduating this “finishing school” so that God can have the glory.

The book is full of ways to move forward in these areas. It’s not just a finger pointed at you or me. It’s Valerie’s own story and how she’s now living what she’s learned. We should do the same.

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for my honest review. There you have it! Enjoy!

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    October 2 at 10:59 pm

    This book sounds like a pleasure to read! I love your review. It sounds like how I feel, too! Happy to follow your blog. ~Adrienne

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