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November, the Month of Joyful Intentions

November 1


The month we celebrate Thanksgiving.  You know, when we get to tank up on turkey and pumpkin pie after we each share something we’re thankful for this year.

The month we share what we are thankful for. Some of you write a blog or Facebook post about something you’re thankful for every day in November.  I can never follow through.  It’s not that I’m ungrateful. I just get busy and miss a day or two then feel like I’ve failed.  Yeah, I know I have a perfectionist problem.

The month we celebrate birthdays in our household. My oldest boy is turning 18 on Tuesday.  My grandmother and one of my dear friends share a birthday. My youngest boy is turning two a few weeks later.  Yes, I planned it that way… 16 years apart.  🙂  

November is the month of Joyful Intentions

…for me anyway.

You can join me if you like.  I’d love to have your company and mutual encouragement.

What is joyful intention?

Joyful is defined as feeling, expressing, or causing great pleasure and happiness (; or full of joy, as a person or one’s heart; glad; delighted (

Intention is defined as a thing intended; an aim or plan (google); the thing that you plan to do or achieve; or an aim or purpose (

In summary, Joyful Intention is expressing great pleasure or happiness in the thing that you plan to do or achieve; or delightful purpose.

I want to be joyful and intentional in everything I do from this point forward.  I’ve spent too much time bellyaching over things that are actually in my control.  Whether or not something is within my ability to change, I should choose joy over grumbling.  I should choose to change my life into what I want instead of letting everything under the sun, including my own complaining attitude get in the way.  I really am in control, apart from God’s hand in it.


My Three Joyful Intentions in November:

Joyful intentions in marriage and motherhood.  I will be less gripy about stuff.  I will smile more.  I will laugh more.  I will listen to my kiddos more.  Yes it’s a tall order, but I can do it.  I am thankful for my hubby and my three wonderful kiddos and I will make a point to show them all month long.

Joyful intentions in fit living.  I will prepare and eat healthier meals.  I will workout for the benefit of my heart health and mood.  I will allow myself grace when I stray from my plan.  I will weigh less by the end of the month!  I will love the results.

Joyful intentions in my pile of books.  What?  I am becoming a better me through reading and application.  The Bible and the piles of books I have are great resources for the encouragement and insight needed to improve my attitude, behavior, and overall self.  I will not bombard  you or myself with a pile of books like I did that previous two months. Instead, I will start with one book and let you know about it as I’m reading it.  Does that work for you?

In summary,  November is the month of joyful intentions.  

What is your intention this month?|


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    pop champagne
    November 6 at 12:08 pm

    ooh I like this idea, and eating healthier sounds like a great plan. as well as reading more books 🙂

  • Reply
    Stefanie @
    November 10 at 11:32 am

    Love this 🙂 I need to dedicate more time to joyful intention – how is it that something so important can be swept under the rug?!?

    • Reply
      November 23 at 6:17 am

      I don’t know, but my rug is hiding plenty of good intentions, actually the same ones swept under the rug over and over. What are you struggling to do more intentionally?

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