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Would You Like to Know Collection

December 9
Published by Kregel Publications

Children love to ask questions. My 4 year old asks me questions, sometimes the same one, all day long. While it can grow tiresome, it is a great way to pause and teach him something of value, rather eternal or of immediate use. I received a complimentary collection of children’s books perfect for answering some questions about the Christian faith.

Included in the collection are six titles with a brief description of the simple and clear message of each book:

Would You Like to Know The Bible?
An explanation of the Bible’s contents and purpose

Would You Like to Know The Story of Christmas?
A retelling of the very first Christmas – and why it still matters for us.

Would You Like to Know How to Pray?
An explanation of how children can talk to God.

Would You Like to Know About God?
An explanation for children of who God is.

Would You Like to Know The Story of Easter?
A retelling of the very first Easter – and why it still matters for us

Would You Like to Know Jesus?
An explanation of how children can become friends with Jesus.

They are perfect for my four-year-old in many ways:
The size of the book is perfect for his little hands.
They are smaller than a traditional book, making it just the right size to hold.
The content on each page is just right for his attention span.
Colorful illustrations and a short sentence or phrase building on to the whole message of the book.
The message of each book is age appropriate.
By the end of the book, the child will learn an important piece of our Christian faith.

We have included these books in our home library so that I can read them to him on a regular basis and one day soon he will be reading them to me.

About the Collection

These little paperback booklets explain key concepts of the Christian faith to young children. They are easy to understand and are accompanied by charming illustrations. They explain who Jesus is and why He is important; what exactly the Bible is, what it is made up of, and how we should use it; the point of prayer and how one might start talking to God; and the story of and the meaning behind the first Christmas. Each book has a presentation page, which makes it a great stocking filler or award book. 



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    Dana Matthews
    December 10 at 12:56 am

    I have not seen these before. They sound wonderful. Our 4 year old Eli is full of questions!

  • Reply
    December 11 at 6:47 am

    We love this collection!

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