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The Wired Soul: Finding Spiritual Balance in a Hyperconnected Age

December 9

How do you find spiritual balance in a hyperconnected age?

Technology has overrun my life. There, I admit it. Spiritual disciplines —  reading, meditation, prayer, and contemplation — have been neglected along the way. I remember the days prior to Facebook. I woke up eager to sit quietly with my Bible and notebook. I enjoyed taking in all I could before the kiddos woke up. Now, I have replaced that healthy habit with rolling over to check Facebook on my phone, fully intending to read the Bible later in the day. It usually doesn’t happen.

The Wired Soul: Finding Spiritual Balance in a Hyperconnected Age

Reading a complimentary copy of the book summarized below is applicable for anyone wanting to change the above bad habit. It first touches on the harm technology can have on our spiritual life; secondly encourages us with practices we can put to use. These practices help rewire the brain, “finding the balance” one needs to live in this modern day world.

Some of these practices used to be part of my every day. It was something I looked forward to, as I previously stated. The rest of these practices are ones I’ve never done or have spent very little time on.

I am looking forward to turning off my phone to give these practices room in my life. The author writes “I yearn to see Christ-followers fulfill their joyful destiny by walking in intimacy with him.” I am thankful for this. I regret the time that has passed as wasted, I am looking forward to building on that intimate relationship I once had with my Savior.

About the Book

If you had time to slow down, you’d notice: You’re more easily distracted lately. You forget the details of your life more often than you used to. You get easily agitated and have trouble resting, even though you’re more tired than you remember ever being. Even your spiritual life is not immune: You struggle to pray, to read the Scriptures, to be still and know that God is God.

Welcome to now. Our technology has greatly improved much of our lives, but in the process our brains are being rewired on a daily basis, and our capacity to be centered in our souls, in our lives, is at risk.

Brain scientists are aware of this unprecedented change, but the solutions aren’t found in science: They’re found in the ancient practices of the faith. Tricia McCary Rhodes reintroduces us to the classic disciplines of Scripture reading, meditation, prayer, and contemplation, not just as technologies to aid our faith but as tools to keep us focused and mindful in an increasingly disorienting digital age.

Read an excerpt.


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