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Look & Find Bible Storybook

October 5
by B&h Kids Editorial
Published by B&H Kids

My son enjoys books. He enjoys hidden picture books more than any other kind. A day usually doesn’t go by without eyeballing a book of this type. He loves to find things (except for that lost shoe in his messy room).

He was most excited to receive the complimentary copy of the book above from B&H Kids.  This hidden pictures book is his favorite now. It has benefits that the other books do not have. Here’s a list showcasing why we love The Look & Find Bible Storybook:

Each story teaches a true account from God’s Word. What better way to exercise his detective skills than through a Bible story?!?

Each two-page spread only has one story. It is short enough to hold his attention.  He can look at the busy and colorful scene that takes place within the story, as I read to him.

The story page then opens up to formerly hidden) checklist of items to find in the scene.  While the complete list is typewritten words, there are also picture cards for some of the items to be found (for younger kiddos).

The pages are made for dry-erase markers. That checklist can be checked off as we find the hidden items. Our other books and magazines don’t offer this. We either look track of what we have found so far or we write in the magazines and then they are not good for another hunt.  Smart thinking, B&H Kids!

The book ends with the best store ever … “Jesus Has Risen”. Enough said!

Intentional Mom, I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book for your kiddo. It is a great opportunity to learn Bible stories, sharpen the brain, and get some snuggle time in together.


Look & Find Bible Storybook Book Cover Look & Find Bible Storybook
B&h Kids Editorial
B&H Kids
September 1

About the Book

Look, Find, and Learn! In Look and Find Bible Storybook, you’ll read eight adventure-filled stories from the Bible and explore each extra-busy scene. Learn about Creation, Noah’s Ark, the exodus, David & Goliath, Jonah, Jesus’ birth, Jesus’ miracle of feeding the 5,000, and Easter and the ascension. Then open the large flaps to explore each story’s scene and reveal a look-and-find checklist. You can search for dozens of people, animals, and objects. Use a write-on wipe-off marker to search over and over again and enjoy hours of look-and-find fun!

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