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Revealing School :: Discover What School Is Really Doing to Your Children

April 18
by Britton LaTulippe
Published by BlueManor Education, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

I wanted to homeschool my older two children. Because of financial reasons and family pressure, I never did. I simply ignored the conviction I had received from God. Fifteen years later, here I am with a third child and the same desire resurfacing. This time I have decided to pursue that conviction.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

I have solid reasons for wanting to homeschool. While my oldest was bullied from first grade on, that is one of the less significant reasons for wanting to homeschool. Yes, you heard me right. That alone is enough, but there are other reasons that are of greater concern for me as a parent.

Not knowing anything about homeschooling, I started researching all I could about it. That’s when Mr. LaTulippe sent me a complimentary copy of his book. The journey through this 300+ page book was well worth the time, as I soaked much needed information packed with factual references. My list of reasons for homeschooling grew every few pages.

It’s quite disturbing who we let supervise our children all day and what we allow them to teach our children. It’s alarming what is going on in public schools and parents are going along with it blindly.

  • Did you know they are being taught subjects of a pornographic nature?
  • Did you know that they are trained to have no emotion for their family when they start school?
  • Did you know that they are led to sing a song that worships one of our leaders?
  • Did you know that their methods actually push some of your children into crime?

Do you think all of this is bogus? Well, I encourage you to read the book and then decide for yourself. Along the way, you’ll discover even more disturbing and damaging things that are being done in school.

Overall, after reading this book you will see that the education system has its own agenda and it is not in the interest of your child or his/her education. Yes, this book is a controversial topic. You may be one of the parents interested in homeschool. You may be one of the parents who thinks homeschooling is not ideal. Either way, I encourage you to read the book and decide for yourself. I, myself, have confirmed my decision to homeschool.

Revealing School :: Discover What School Is Really Doing to Your Children Book Cover Revealing School :: Discover What School Is Really Doing to Your Children
Britton LaTulippe
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

About the Book:

Part 1: A Place Without Love

With exciting personal stories, author Britton LaTulippe addresses the most devastating problems with American schools. Take a journey through public, private, and elite prep schools while awakening to the REAL educational environment that you’re sending your children into.

Part 2: The Evolution of Tyranny

The dark history of school is revealed, along with a glimpse of an even darker future. Learn why school is the evolution of tyranny.

Part 3: A Programmable Man

A secret science is being used against your children. Before sending them off to school, you must know what has been done and is being done to students – it will forever change the way you see American schools.

About the Author

No one understands education like Britton LaTulippe. This homeschooling father of five is the author of more than 70 children’s books, creator of several early-learning curriculum sets, and the owner of Blue Manor Academy. Revealing School is Mr. LaTulippe’s masterpiece. Mixing personal stories from the 10 schools he attended in 6 different states, together with history, politics and psychology, he weaves together the frightening and fascinating tale of American education.

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