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The Burn Zone: A Secular Memoir

October 24
Published by FSB Associates
How did an accomplished actress like Smallville star Allison Mack get sucked into a secret cult? Renee Linnell knows—from experience. 
The Burn Notice: A Secular Memoir About Escaping the Cult

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About the Book

After getting ordained as a Buddhist monk in 2010, I moved from San Diego to New York, where I believed I would continue on my journey to Enlightenment. Instead, I got creamed: I lost over $500,000 in three months and was smeared all over the NY tabloids as the jaded lover who abandoned her business partner/ex-lover on a jealous whim. Betrayed and broken, I moved to Colorado to heal, thinking the hard part was over but discovered rapidly it had only just begun. Alone, empty, and suicidal I was left with some pretty serious questions: How had I let this happen? How had I been so naïve?

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This Mom’s Review

Before I get started, please note that this book contains dangerous practices which I do not recommend and beliefs which I do not share. I chose to read this book because I was curious how one becomes brainwashed or finds herself in a cult. Renee’s journey in and out of a cult has been a journey for me, as well. I was very convicted about things in this book that just should not be. My eyes were opened to how easy it is to fall prey to religions that are harmful and controlling. Thankfully, I have a relationship with Jesus Christ and am not in any legalistic religions referenced in Renee’s childhood.

What I Liked Most About the Book

Renee’s transparency is what made this memoir real. There was no sugar coating. She told it like it was. I was able to see how easily one falls for the brainwashing. I wanted to reach into the pages of the book and pull Renee out of it. She had so many people taking advantage of her friendships, her loyalty, her finances and her wanting to belong. I could see red flags going up, yet, I found myself wanting to believe that it was nothing.

I could see myself falling prey, as I am one that thrives on having a coach or mentor telling me what I should do next. Renee’s teacher was encouraging her to further her education and reach for ultimate success in the workplace. How could that possibly be bad?

What I Disliked About the Book

I disliked that Renee continued the practice of meditation that I believe is dangerous. God’s Word tells me to renew my mind with His teachings, not empty my mind. However, comparison of our beliefs what not my intent for this book. I also didn’t care for the language in the book, but like I said, I went in knowing that this book was not written by someone of like beliefs.

Should You Read the Book?

Make sure you definitely know what you believe without any doubt before you read this book. I wouldn’t want to be the cause of leading anyone astray. It is important for each of us to know the dangers lurking that appear as friendly faces. Renee is a strong woman to have endured all of this and still be able to pull herself out of it.

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