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More for Mom: Living Your Whole and Holy Life

April 22

“Start believing that more is available for you instead of the lie that more is needed from you.” – Kristin Funston

More for Mom: Living Your Whole and Holy Life


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About the Book

Reset your spiritual and emotional health with these steps.

More for Mom will encourage women to stop believing the lie that more is needed from them, and start living with the truth that more is available for them.

With real-life talk, humor and convicting biblical truths, Kristin Funston helps hard-working mamas to look at each day and each facet of their life to discover what happens when they believe God has more for them than what they think the world needs from them.

And what He has available is a whole and holy life, just waiting to be claimed–salvation and day-to-day reality complete just as it is. The pieces of each mom’s life–the work life, mom life, social life, etc.–are mended together through Christ to complete her one whole life, set apart because of Him.

This book is a stepping stone to help working mothers reset their spiritual and emotional health, habits, and relationship with God. There are performance pressures at work, home, and mind-sets that affect a mom’s ability to feel complete and live more closely aligned with God. This book includes the beginning steps for moms to walk in wholeness and holiness by asking God for more.

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About the Author

Meet Kristin Funston, author of More for MomWith a passion for writing, Kristin Funston encourages women in a way that is relatable and practical, with a healthy dose of humor. She has a master’s degree in Communication Studies from New Mexico State University. She is a member and employee of Hope Presbyterian Church and works as the Marriage and Family Coordinator and a leader in the women’s ministry. She is also a regular contributor to multiple blogs including The Better Mom, City Moms Blog, TODAY Parenting, and Scary Mommy. Funston resides outside of Memphis, TN with her husband and three daughters.

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This Mom’s Review

I always feel like somebody is always needing something from me. Sometimes, I just want to hide in my closet.  While reading a complimentary copy of Kristen’s book, featured above, I was refreshed. She covered some areas I’m struggling with right now. Mainly, the encouragement to make my own dreams a reality helped me to feel less guilty for even having those dreams.

I did a study once on fasting several years ago and that was as far as I got. Kristen’s 20-something page perspective on why fasting is important was more applicable and ‘user-friendly’ than the guilty conscience I got from the previous study I had done. I believe I will be doing a fast pretty soon, and not just with food.

She even wrote about grace — offering it to others!  I really needed to hear that because I tend to be hard on others closest to me. There’s so much more to this book, but I want you to read it for yourself.  Discover that there is more for you, mom!

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