I Before E (Except After C): Easy, Cool Ways to Remember Facts

December 12

Memory Tricks Made Easy!

How can you possibly remember everything you’re supposed to know? Simple! Use the memory tricks within these pages.

This fun, informative guide teaches you smart ways to remember all the stuff you’re learning about in school. With these simple techniques you can train your brain to remember . . .

The planets in order of size — from largest to smallest and from smallest to largest
The world’s largest rivers and largest deserts
The difference between adjectives and adverbs — and their jobs
Which presidents were assassinated while in office
All about angles and triangles . . . and circles, too
So whether you get tripped up by the spelling of a word that makes no sense or the fact that 13 colonies are way too many to remember, I Before E (Except After C) will teach you cool ways to remember it all.

I Before E (Except After C) - Reviewed by ThisMomsDelight.com


This Moms’ Review

Inside the pages you’ll find handy tricks to help you remember school facts.  The tricks can be applied to many things you need to remember, so this book isn’t just for young people and the classroom!  Everyone, young and old, needs a little  help remembering things.  I know I do anyway!

There are a few tricks in the book that I was taught – and maybe you were, too!


  • The months of the year on  your knuckles?
  • The treble clef lines by “Every Good Boy Does Fine”?
  • The direction East is from the North by “Never Eat Shredded Wheat”?

Not only did I learn tricks for remembering facts I can’t keep straight in my head, I also learned some facts that I never knew (but could come in handy), such as how to remember which direction the sun comes up and goes down, as well as which is which when reading roman numerals.

You’ll learn tricks for several areas:  calendars, the planet, reading, writing, history, math, and music.

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 Disclosure:  I received a copy of the book from FSB Media in exchange for my honest review.  Affiliate links included.

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    Sarah Ewing
    December 13 at 7:52 am

    They made a book with all those?!?! Sweet! I still remember things using those handy tricks. I’d love to learn more of them and use them to teach them to my kids.

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