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God’s Wisdom for Women

November 28
by Patricia A. Miller, Rachel Gorman
Published by Baker Books

Where do you find the hope and guidance needed when facing hardships, uncertainty, and difficult decisions?  My answer is God’s word. Many times I can just open my Bible and be comforted by whatever I happen to read. Yet, there are times I need a specific answer or words of reassurance.

God's Wisdom for Women Topical Scripture and Encouragement

Having a complimentary copy of the book summarized below, I have answers at my fingertips. There is so much about this reference book that I have enjoyed.

The Cover and Binding

It’s in spiral format, which makes it easy to keep the book open while I look up the Scripture tied to the topic I am studying.

The Introduction

The text prior to the topical section reaffirmed my position with God. To quote Tim & Kathy Keller, I am “sinful and flawed“, yet “loved and accepted in Jesus Christ.” I often forget the latter part and focus way too much on the first part.

The Topics 

Each topic is found organized and easily found in the table of contents under a more broad topic. For example, Guilt is listed under Daily Struggles.  Topics include:  contentment, social media, depression, hospitality, abortion recovery and lust. (I chose one from each section. There are several others.)

When I flip to a particular topic, I find the author’s wisdom and/or personal experience on the topic.

It then follows with Scripture supporting the author’s findings. For example, in the above topic, I find Scripture that teaches:

  • Our need for repentance,
  • God’s offer of forgiveness,
  • How to live in the grace of the gospel, and
  • God’s awareness of our shame and willingness to help.

Next up is a quote from another author that reinforces what I am learning.

The best part, which I tend to overlook in life, is much needed.  That is the application of the Scripture. For the topic Guilt, there are three practical living tips provided. The one that jumps out at me is the fact that after confessing and repenting, any feeling of guilt doesn’t come from God. I didn’t realize it was coming from Satan, which has kept me in a state of self-condemnation.

The final bit offered in each topic is a list of recommended reading resources. This makes me smile because I love to read. I have even found some listed that I have on my bookshelf unread!  

My answer is God’s word. Many times I can just open my Bible and be comforted by whatever I happen to read. Yet, there are times I need a specific answer or words of reassurance.


Included in the back of the book are six helpful pieces of information. My favorite is Decision Making. As I stated before, I’ve been confused on who is speaking to me. Is it God or is it Satan? This two-page spread clarifies the difference between God’s voice through the conviction of the Holy Spirit and Satan’s lies. I have this page flagged with a sticky note; I have been referring to it almost daily. I almost have it memorized as much as I have been reading through the two lists.

I have neglected my time with God, which means I don’t know God and His word as well as I should. However, after referencing this book many times, I am assured that God loves me and doesn’t want me looking backward. Instead, I will reference this book in times of specific questions and make daily Bible reading a renewed habit in my life.



“Without an anchor to the truth we are in peril-tossed around with no direction, no map, completely at the mercy of the storms that surround us.”  — Patricia Miller & Rachel Gorman, God’s Wisdom for Women


God's Wisdom for Women Book Cover God's Wisdom for Women
Patricia A. Miller, Rachel Gorman,
Religion, Topical
Baker Books
October 17

About the Book

Many people believe that the Bible has answers and encouragement for our lives--our questions, struggles, heartaches, and joys. But most people don't know where to find the answers within the pages of Scripture. People need a tether to Scripture and a map for journeying deeper and learning more from the Bible. Organized by topic, God's Wisdom for Women is the perfect starting point for women to easily discover what God has to say about their lives and journeys. Within each topic readers will find truth from God's Word, encouraging quotes from leading writers, practical steps, and suggestions for further reading. More than 50 topics--such as decision-making, friendship, contentment, grief, worry, guilt, and social media--cover a range of experiences, hardships, and joys, allowing women to seek hope and encouragement from Scripture for themselves and others.

About the Authors

Patricia Miller is a professor and program director for biblical counseling at Calvary University. She is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, Western Illinois University, and Calvary Theological Seminary and is the author or coauthor of a number of Quick Scripture References, including Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Women.

Rachel Gorman writes about children's literature, faith, style, culture, and the joys and trials of parenting. She is a graduate of Calvary University, where she studied Bible, English literature, and children's literature. Rachel is a mom to two daughters, a pastor's wife, and the creator of Lucy's Bows & Arrows, an online, handmade accessory shop. Follow her on Instagram  and Twitter.


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    Bobbie Smith
    December 10 at 2:11 pm

    I so love how this is organized, would definitely help when you are looking for a certain direction. Thank you so much for sharing. I think I may have to look into buying this.

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