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Take a New Look at Your Mother – Daughter Relationship

April 17


There is not a perfect mother-daughter relationship. I have good relationships with my 70 year old mother and my 90 year old grandmother.  I also have a pleasant relationship with my 18 year old daughter. However, none of these relationships are perfect and all of them have a different dynamic.

Starting a ministry that was inspired by my relationship with my daughter,, I have seen many mother-daughter relationships, which has confirmed that not one of them is perfect either. However, through my experience, I have learned three very important lessons about the mother/daughter relationship:

Guest post by Roxanne Packham, Author of Inspired Design 

Do not compare.

This is the first, most important tip for you. Do not compare your relationship to that of another mother and daughter. This is a trap, set for you by the enemy, to steal your joy.  Instead use the scripture Philippians 4:8 as the lens through which you view your mother or daughter. Look for whatever is excellent or praiseworthy in them. Each woman/girl was created with strengths and weaknesses; concentrate on their positive attributes and encourage them with kind words of recognition and praise.

Celebrate her uniqueness.

Recognize your originality and that of your daughter’s.  Each of you is unique. Celebrate this by honing in on what makes each other special. Whether experiencing an interest or hobby together or by providing opportunities for the other’s uniqueness to shine. For example, if your daughter loves to cook, sign up for a cooking class together. If your mother is an excellent painter, show off her abilities to friends and family whenever possible. Be each other’s biggest fan!

Focus on God’s truth.

God is the author of both of your stories. He is the designer of your dreams. If both of you focus on His truths, you can have confidence in the creation of each other’s uniqueness and purpose in life and understand there is a divine plan for your relationship, which is a direct blessing from Him.


This Mother’s Day, focus on your mother/daughter relationship.

About the Inspired Design is a 501(c)(3) organization. Our vision to inspire women to practice hospitality and celebrate their family legacy through books, speaking engagements and seminars illustrating the true beauty of the home. is a mother-teenage daughter ministry whose mission is to teach girls to find & follow God’s path for their life. All proceeds from Inspired Design sales go to support Heart of Hope Ministries International, an outreach to orphans in Romania.



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    April 19 at 10:08 pm

    Perfect! Never compare. Just like you, I am so proud to tell you that we, my siblings have a great relationship with my mother and even our father. We tell everything about them. Even about our love life and what so ever problems we have.

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    April 25 at 1:55 am

    I badly want to show this blog to my mother. These are the points she’s missing. It’s really hard when you have many siblings and you are all girls!

    • Reply
      April 28 at 8:45 am

      @Dana, Print it off for her. Or maybe have someone anonymously mail a copy to her, if you think she’d take offense to her daughter giving it to her.

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