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Love, Tears & Autism: Journey from Heartbreak to Hope

November 18
by Cecily Paterson
Published by Ark House Press Genres: biography, motherhood, special needs

Love, Tears & Autism: Journey from Heartbreak to Hope

It’s one thing to read a book about the possible treatments for your child’s diagnosis, whether it’s autism, sensory processing disorder or any other diagnosis. It’s another thing to listen to a mom’s journey through it all. Not understanding her child’s struggles, receiving a diagnosis, working through trials and errors — it’s real stuff. Reading the book mentioned below, I cried … a lot. I cried for the child. I cried for the mom. I cried for the family. While my child has not been diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), like the boy in this book, he has been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. I felt the mom’s pain in similar struggles and unknowns I have faced with my own child.

Is Your Child Different?

Are you a mom trying to find out why your child is “different”? You will find comfort in your relation to the author of this book as you cope with your own difficulties and decisions. You may also find some ideas that might work for your child, whether it’s autism, sensory processing disorder or any other diagnosis.

Not the Mom, But Know A Child Like This?

Are you a friend of the mom? Or is it your son’s classmate? Reading this book, you will see the struggles from the mom’s perspective. You then will be able to help the mom in your life. The mom in this book will share what was most beneficial in helping, not hindering, her as a mom of a child with autism or special needs. Then you can do the same for your mom friend.

I followed this mom’s journey in her faith as she went through the journey of not knowing anything to finding out solutions, even if temporary. I watched her question her faith and her parenting, but in the end, her faith was only stronger. I admire this mom and all moms who have children with ASD or anything, diagnosed or not, that makes a child’s life challenging. I tearfully enjoyed reading about this mom’s journey from heartbreak to hope. I know you will too.

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Love, Tears & Autism: Journey from Heartbreak to Hope

Love, Tears & Austism Book Cover Love, Tears & Austism
Cecily Paterson
Biography & Autobiography

About the Book:
An Australian mother’s journey from heartbreak to hope. When Cecily prayed that God would teach her to really love people, she was hoping that the answer would be easy. She didn’t expect to have her life turned upside down, her dreams shattered and her priorities rearranged. Just weeks after her prayer, Cecily’s three-year-old son was diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), and Cecily and her husband started out on a journey which would be physically hard, emotionally draining, intellectually challenging and spiritually exhausting. And yet the road would lead to love – real, honest, true, gritty love. If you’ve ever prayed a big prayer, or questioned a big God, or faced a big hurdle or felt like you were drowning in a big sea of sadness, this book will lift, help and offer hope – spiritual and emotional hope for the depressed, the suffering and the questioning. For parents and friends of children suffering from the new autism epidemic, this book offers not only emotional support but also practical information and resources to help you find your way through the jungle of diagnosis and therapy. This is Cecily’s story, but it is also God’s story – because He is the one who has been working in her, teaching her to love.

About the Author
Cecily Paterson loved growing up in Pakistan, but is happy now to be a writer, minister’s wife and mother of four children in a small town in rural New South Wales. She enjoys sewing, reading, blogging and fitting as much into her life as is humanly possible. Love Tears and Autism is Cecily’s fourth book.

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    Gwyneth Clover
    March 13 at 2:03 pm

    Autism is a diagnosis that changes everything for your family. However, while your first reaction to your child’s diagnosis of autism may be difficult to deal with, it doesn’t have to be the death of your hopes and dreams for your child. The key to dealing with autism is to evolve as a family, one that is flexible, responsive to each other’s needs and one that works together to problem solve issue that may arise.

    Best wishes

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